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One Piece Chapter 1044 - Luffy Gear Fifth

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One Piece Chapter 1044 – Luffy VS Kaido: Joy Boy Awakens

One Piece Chapter 1044 - Luffy Gear Fifth

The hands of fate tick forward guided by the age ascending to the dawn. And with its ascent, it cast out reverberating waves of sound that embody the beat of drums carrying liberation within its breath. Empowered by this resonance, Luffy has reawakened and within his spirit so too the representation of the Sun. Joy Boy has arrived and the truth surrounding Luffy and the Gomu Gomu no Mi has come into focus. How will Kaido react to Luffy’s current state when he discovers that the opponent before him is the Joy Boy he is aware will bring the world to salvation. Instinctively, Kaido already knows Luffy is special. Relief colours his smile and satisfaction imbues his breath. All Kaido needs is proof that Luffy is Joy Boy. And Kaido will receive it in this battle.

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