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One Piece Chapter 874 – Escaping Big Mom

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One Piece chapter 874 - Character Poll Colour Spread

Now that’s a ridiculously cool line-up of characters (yay Reiju)

With the overwhelming outburst from Big Mom at the Wedding ceremony desouling the existence of the “Big Mom assassination” plan from the realm of achievability, the situation has continued to collapse around the Straw Hat Pirates with each event gradually worsening the closer they get to escaping. Not only is Big Mom after them with all her fury, rage and burning hunger but her army is at the ready to unleash wherever and whenever needed. Katakuri is lying in wait on the Thousand Sunny in case they escape Big Mom and if they do manage to board their ship and set sail, the Big Mom Pirates have their underwater sea slugs and battleships ready to track and pursue them. It is going to be a colossal task to escape Big Mom’s territory and may just require additional inference from an unscheduled third-party/event.

With Big Mom uncontrollably set on chasing down the Straw Hat Pirates would quelling her rage have any effect on changing the situation? Whether enraged or in a state of clarity, Big Mom has expressed her opposition to the Straw Hat Pirates. Big Mom won’t forgive what the Straw Hat Pirates have done and the chances of Big Mom willingly allowing the Straw Hat Pirates to leave her territory without consequence is non-existent. If they wish to escape, the Straw Hat Pirates will have to fight their way out. But as the plot has been building up towards, in order to escape Big Mom, her rage would need to be satiated. As dangerous as the base Big Mom is, the threat she poses when enraged is exponentially worse. In order to achieve that end, Pudding and Chiffon will need to work together to prepare a duplicate Wedding Cake to meet Big Mom’s demands to calm her down. Chiffon has every right to refuse Pudding but given that the request Pudding is now making comes directly from her heart, I don’t believe Chiffon can refuse such a request from Pudding.

One Piece chapter 874 - Pudding

Of course Pudding wants to save Sanji, he was kind to her when no one else was

I’m impressed Nami found a way to bargain with Zeus, in particular how she utilised the situation to determine Zeus’s nature and how she went about exploiting that knowledge to create an opportunity for Zeus to assist them. Regardless of how manipulative Nami can be, her ‘merchant-like’ attitude has helped turn desperate situations around for the Straw Hat Pirates on several occasions when they needed it. Nami’s efforts in exploiting Lola’s vivre card and embracing the side of caution by splitting the initial card in two ‘just in case’ were inspiring decisions by Nami. She found out the value in Lola’s vivre card and knowing that there was a chance they would have to retread through the Seducing Woods again, she made the decision to split the card in two to ensure the crew weren’t caught in the same trap again. Nami understands her limitations in combat and instead focuses her attention towards analysing the situation for cracks and openings to exploit. This current arc in particular highlights that strength for Nami.

One Piece chapter 874 - Nami and Zeus

This is going to save the Straw Hat Pirates further down the line, nice work Nami!

Katakuri has utilised Brulee to shortcut his way into the Thousand Sunny ahead of the Straw Hat Pirates in order to ensure that even if they succeed in escaping Big Mom he will be in a position to stop them. As shrewd as Katakuri’s plan is, why doesn’t he eliminate their escape path completely by destroying the Thousand Sunny? With the Thousand Sunny destroyed, they will have no ship left for the Straw Hat Pirates to escape on unless they procure an additional ship to sail away on. In all likelihood the Thousand Sunny won’t be destroyed, so it is expected for Katakuri to leave the ship as it is but I am wondering if a genuine reason will reveal itself eventually for Katakuri’s current decision. After what happened with the Kidd, Basil and Apoo alliance are the Big Mom Pirates in need of functional ships that badly? Does Katakuri want to personally ensure that Luffy is dealt with before Luffy becomes a threat to Big Mom as he stated? Or is there a third-party on the Thousand Sunny that will prevent Katakuri and his goons from destroying the Thousand Sunny before the Straw Hat Pirates get back? Or will Brook and Chopper protect the Thousand Sunny as they have gone to retrieve the shark submarine and may make it back to the Thousand Sunny before the rest of the crew? Whatever happens, I hope the issue of Katakuri having the opportunity to eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates escape path gets addressed.

One Piece chapter 874 - Katakuri

Somehow I believe Katakuri is soon going to regret not destroying the Thousand Sunny

Keeping the Thousand Sunny in play opens up an immense amount of risk for the Big Mom Pirates. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how exactly the chaotic events ensuing develop further.

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