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One Piece chapter 875 - Jinbe commanding the team

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One Piece Chapter 875 – Escaping Big Mom II

One Piece chapter 875 - Nami releasing Zeus's lightning

That was amazing!

To manipulate an aspect of Big Mom’s soul manifested into a cloud, Nami is certainly establishing herself as one who is able to take advantage of a situation to its fullest. Given Nami having a certain level of control over the weather with her Tempo’s I expected her to have a moment to shift the momentum but to have her completely enthrall Zeus and immobilize Big Mom, even if temporarily, she not only shifted the momentum but carved out a path onto which the Straw Hat Pirates and allies can turn their whole situation around and escape. Once again One Piece proves that power levels aren’t necessarily the determining factor is a character’s strength, instead it is how they exploit the vulnerabilities of their opponent. With Pudding and Chiffon now on their way, it is only a matter of time before they manage to calm Big Mom down.

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