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One Piece Chapter 874 – Escaping Big Mom

One Piece chapter 874 - Character Poll Colour Spread

Now that’s a ridiculously cool line-up of characters (yay Reiju)

With the overwhelming outburst from Big Mom at the Wedding ceremony desouling the existence of the “Big Mom assassination” plan from the realm of achievability, the situation has continued to collapse around the Straw Hat Pirates with each event gradually worsening the closer they get to escaping. Not only is Big Mom after them with all her fury, rage and burning hunger but her army is at the ready to unleash wherever and whenever needed. Katakuri is lying in wait on the Thousand Sunny in case they escape Big Mom and if they do manage to board their ship and set sail, the Big Mom Pirates have their underwater sea slugs and battleships ready to track and pursue them. It is going to be a colossal task to escape Big Mom’s territory and may just require additional inference from an unscheduled third-party/event.

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