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One Piece Chapter 879 – Luffy VS Katakuri

One Piece Chapter 879 - Luffy VS Katakuri

In order for the Straw Hat Pirates to escape, Luffy needs to “deal” with Katakuri now

I expected Katakuri to be powerful given his bounty and position within the Big Mom Pirates but I didn’t expect his attacks to mirror Luffy’s within this battle. Is Oda-sensei really trying to nail down in Luffy’s mind the point that his current attack style is not sufficient to tackle the threats he will face within the New World. Katakuri painfully showed that in a battle, power is just as relevant as technique and style. In terms of Luffy going forward, this battle is illustrating that he will both need to evolve his fighting style and find ways of applying more power behind his existing techniques. The final(?) trump card Luffy has left to play is Gear Fourth. Will Katakuri be able to counter that form as well? Somehow I find that just like Cracker, Katakuri will struggle but unlike Cracker I don’t believe he will be defeated yet.

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One Piece Chapter 878 – Conviction Of The Resolute

One Piece chapter 878 - Luffy VS Katakuri

Will Luffy get to defeat a second Sweet Commander? Or will their battle end before it begins?

Just as the Night paves a way forward for the Dawn, Pedro has found himself on a path paving the way for the arrival of the inevitable changes to come. Despite the unknown it represents, he willingly placed his life on the line to ensure the ones he believed were the Avatars of that change continue on their journey towards ushering in the new Dawn. He had many reasons to despair and many chances to surrender to circumstance, but he continued to fight for the convictions he had and because of that unwavering resolve, an impossible escape has now transformed into an escape with a chance for the Straw Hat Pirates.

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One Piece Chapter 877 – Pedro’s Sacrifice

One Piece chapter 877 - Pedro's sacrifice

Pedro has come to understand how valuable the Straw Hat Pirates and their journey is to the future of the world

First things first, I don’t believe Pedro is dead. Regardless of how it looks, regardless of how logic dictates otherwise, this is One Piece and Oda-sensei has a particular manner in handling his characters and how they meet their end. Secondly, Perospero likewise will not die as a result of that explosion. Most likely Perospero will create a protective armor of Candy to take the majority of the damage from the explosion which would have the indirect consequence of reducing the damage caused to Pedro. While fire melts candy, it will still eat up a portion of the explosions energy reducing the ultimate damage. Alternatively, a third-party may have intervened to save Pedro. Could Capone have returned to assist the Straw Hat Pirates? His wife is fighting to save them, despite his personality and what he said, I’m sure he would put his life on the line to respect his wife’s resolve and do whatever he can to assist her – Bege is just that type of character. Whatever is going to happen, Pedro is not dying just yet.

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