One Piece Chapter 873 – Big Mom’s Rage

One Piece chapter 873 - Big Mom and Zeus

I’m still surprised Big Mom hasn’t figured out how she got her Devil Fruit powers…

With the Straw Hat Pirates rapidly set upon by Big Mom, what can they do to escape the Island and her territory? Will they be able to outrun Big Mom? Will they fight? Will they somehow manage to quell Big Mom’s rampage? And even if they do, what will that change? Big Mom despises Luffy and other than a miracle stretched to its extreme’s, Big Mom and Luffy will continue to be at odds with one another, especially with them both vying for the title of Pirate King. Would the truth behind Mother Caramel’s disappearance affect that relation? I somehow doubt it given the focus the Big Mom Pirates have received as antagonist but what will be interesting is whether Big Mom will be exposed to the truth about Mother Caramel within this arc or in a future arc.

Not even Big Mom’s crew dare interfere with Linlin when she is frenzied, they are too afraid to directly calm her down with words that they settle for the guaranteed route of satisfying her cravings to calm her down. This time though, Big Mom desires a food that may be too far out of reach for the Big Mom Pirates to manifest – the Wedding Cake. There are no spare ingredients left, there is not enough time to prepare the cake and Streusen, the head chef, who prepared the first wedding cake is incapacitated at the moment and will be unable to assist in any cake preparation for a few days. But according to Pudding, spare ingredients for the cake exist and are kept on one of the far off Islands of Big Mom’s territory – Cocoa Island. Pudding also asserts that with Chiffon’s help, she will be able to prepare a wedding cake for Big Mom that will save Wholecake Island.

One Piece chapter 873 - Pudding

I see what you doing Pudding 🙂

The question now becomes, do we believe Pudding?

After all that has happened and despite her being one of Big Mom’s daughters, I don’t believe she is trying to help the Big Mom Pirates, instead she is deceiving them for the benefit of the Straw Hat Pirates, in particular, Sanji. There is no way Pudding wasn’t affected by Sanji’s comments about her third eye. Prior to that moment, she hid her third eye from the public and reacted hostile towards any who make fun of it because it was such a sensitive aspect about herself. Pudding was brought up never being taught to embrace her uniqueness. Big Mom made sure to remind Pudding how disgusting she was because of her third eye on a frequent basis and after a while even ordered Pudding to grow out her bangs so that she could cover her third eye. Pudding grew to dislike her third eye as it was the ’cause’ of her treatment by her family which explains why she was so deeply affected by Sanji’s words when he called her third eye beautiful. Pudding was so certain Sanji would be terrified at the sight that she blocked out any chance of the opposite happening. When the opposite did happen, all Pudding could do was be overwhelmed by the words and feelings completely foreign to her. That reaction by Pudding is the reason why I do not believe Pudding is serious about wanting Sanji dead. She WILL become an ally to the Straw Hat Pirates within the arc and assist with their escape.

Pudding’s Devil Fruit will also have a purpose to play within the arc. Streusen is currently unconscious and being the only one on the Island who knows the truth about Mother Caramel, the story appears to be building up towards Pudding utilising her Devil Fruit on Streusen to indirectly find out the truth about the moment Mother Caramel disappeared. Pudding may very well use the basis of finding out Streusen’s recipe for baking the Wedding Cake to dive into his mind and view his memories. This could be how she finds out the about Mother Caramel.

One Piece chapter 873 - Perospero misleads Big Mom

Oh Perospero…you have been marked for death

I am surprised Perospero lied to Big mom. Surely during one of Big Mom’s previous rampages, someone attempted to stop Big Mom by redirecting her attention elsewhere through deception. Perospero is the oldest son and out of all of Big Mom’s children would be the most aware of how unstoppable Big Mom’s rampages are. Big Mom has had this condition since she was a child, so it comes as a surprise to me that over the decades her children have been with her, no one attempted to stop or at the very least control the destruction carried out by Big Mom through misleading her. If such a plan had been utilised before, it is likely Perospero would have known about the eventual outcome i.e. marked for death by Big Mom. At the very least now, the Big Mom Pirates know what not to do the next time Big Mom rages. RIP Perospero, you better hope the Straw Hat Pirates calm Big Mom. Down before she gets to you.

All Big Mom needs is a delicious Wedding Cake to calm her down and as fate would have it, one of the world’s most capable cooks is present on Wholecake Island, Vinsmoke Sanji. Regardless of whether Sanji has the special ingredients the original Wedding Cake was baked with, he can bake a cake just as good if not better. If for example there are spare special ingredients, Sanji CAN recreate what Streusen made. I have been so focused on Sanji receiving a decent battle that I completely forgot that his representation as a chef and gentleman are just as important as his fighting capabilities. Sanji saving everyone with his cooking would be pretty badass. Add Pudding into the mix and we have two characters who were unconventionally joined together throughout this arc that were utilised as pawn’s by their respective families have an opportunity to cook together to stop Big Mom. They both suffered similar childhoods as a result of their families growing up, so them coming together to express what their passion is in what they love doing would be a fitting way to signify that their struggles in being different weren’t irrelevant and worthless.

One Piece chapter 873 - Big Mom attacks the Straw Hat Pirates

Poor King Baum

The Mother Caramel incident has become a massive element within Big Mom’s story that it could very well destroy Big Mom’s relevance as a major antagonist when she learns the truth about what actually happened. To learn that your most precious person in life whom you adopted your ideals and dreams from was killed by ‘you’, you are obviously going to be deeply affected. Depending on whether Big Mom finds out that truth within the current arc or not, her relevance as a major antagonist may be exhausted with the conclusion of this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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