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Naruto Chapter 546 – Confrontation With The Past

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Naruto - Gaara of the Sand by EiffelArt (http://eiffelart.deviantart.com)

Confronting his past and himself, Gaara looks towards a new direction, a direction of his choosing

This chapter was mainly focused on the events with Gaara and Oonoki, but the most memorable scene from this chapter was of course, RASENGAN!!!! I was tempted to title this post “RASENGAN” but I resisted the urge and went with a more Gaara-appropriate title, even if a bit more dull.

Naruto Chapter 546 - Rasengan!!

You know you want to say it, RASENGAN!!

I don’t know if it was just me, but when Naruto appeared to Rasengan that Magnet-Element user, I was literally “ooooohhh yeah!! RASENGAN!!!” That scene came out of no where and it was so satisfying to witness/read, and it’s not just because it concluded the fight quickly, no it was more because Naruto laid the smack-down on that shinobi in such a kick-ass way that it was completely badass.

Kishimoto has really immortalised Rasengan as Naruto’s “it” ability (well along with Kagebunshin), more so than before. It is practically part of Naruto’s identity now – when you think of Naruto, it would be impossible to not think Rasengan. It’s reached the level of identification such as Goku’s Kamehameha or Superman’s ripping his shirt open to reveal the big “S” on his suit before he flies off to save the day. It’s not as bad as it sounds, using one ability to take out an army – Kishimoto has had Naruto modify it in so many ways to work with his Chakra forms and other jutsus, that Rasengan has become something more than just one mere jutsu (I’m waiting for the RASEN-BOMB!!).

Anyway the reaction of Kabuto after Naruto destroyed the magnetism shinobi was interesting. Was Kabuto shocked that so many of his undead minions were sealed at once, or could it be that Kabuto was surprised that his quality Shinobi are being taken out quite easily? Well whatever the case, it’s good to see him surprised (because Naruto is the number one surprise shinobi!).

Naruto Chapter 546 - Four Past Kages

The Four Past Kages lost in the present

Cool having the four past Kages against the current Kages, though it would be cooler if the Mizukage and Raikage would show up, but I doubt that, though you never know, Kishimoto may have something set-up to create such a situation. The Past Mizukage is quite amusing – I like him. Anyway cool seeing Gaara once again, especially now that he has confronted his father. He can convey to his father just how wrong he was of him (believing Gaara to be a monster and a tool for him to use). Gaara can show to his father just how much he has reshaped his life and how he has changed his future. To convey to his father just how much the next generation of Shinobi have matured and how they and the times have surpassed the past generations constrained views and strength.

I always wondered why the Fourth Kazekage was the Kazekage, he didn’t seem very powerful to me in the past – getting used and disposed of by Orochimaru. But this chapter sure changed that with the introduction of his Gold Dust jutsu. So both him and the Third Kazekage had the Magnetism release Kekkei Genkai…with the Fourth Kazekage using it to develop his Gold Dust jutsu. Well the fight should be interesting, Gaara vs his father, Sand vs Gold Dust, Present vs Past. And as well as with a battle against his father, this is also a battle against his past self.

Naruto Chapter 546 - Gaara - coloured by COH-ru (http://coh-ru.deviantart.com)

Gaara face to face with his father - coloured by COH-ru (http://coh-ru.deviantart.com)

There is also the Oonoki vs Muu battle and that should be good (Dust Element – Subatomic Seperation Technique is quite something). I wonder will happen to the other Kages, who will they fight? Will Naruto and Bee arrive and join in the fight?

Either way, the past Kages are pretty upset with what they are being forced to do, but at least they still believe the present generation of Shinobi have likely surpassed them and will have what it takes to stop them.

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