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Bleach Chapter 454 – The Breaking Point Of Sanity

Bleach Chapter 454 - Ichigo's desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Ichigo's twisting sanity leads him to a desire to kill - coloured by Silvercore94 (http://silvercore94.deviantart.com)

Isshin and Kisuke finally get some coverage…but it’s only for two pages and it only shows them walking down the street with grim expressions on their faces with Isshin carrying some sword emanating a strange sort of energy – is that a form of reiatsu that will help kick-start the Shinigami powers in Ichigo and awaken Zangetsu? Well whatever is happening with Isshin and Kisuke, we’ll have to wait until they are covered again – probably in 3 or so chapters time…hopefully the next time they are covered, more substance is revealed…

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Bleach Episode 327-328 – Space Control

Bleach Episode 328 - Kageroza's Twisted Smile

It must have taken him lots of practice to get a face that "charming" when he smiles

It really is surprising how entertaining I’m finding this filler arc, it’s great. There is actual mystery, suspense, tension, direction and the action is engaging. I do find with Bleach, especially right now, that the Bleach anime > Bleach manga – I prefer the extra spin Studio Pierrot gives to Bleach. What I find the current manga arc lacks which this filler arc has is focus. I’m somewhat lost in what to think for the Lost Shinigami Representative arc, as Kubo is keeping everything in the shadows, making you question everything and not giving any hints or direction in which to cast your focus – who is the actual “bad guy” in the current arc and what is the story the arc is trying to tell? This filler arc makes it clear what the plot is and what direction it is taking – Kageroza is the villain and he plans to manipulate the space to bring everything under his control.

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Bleach Chapter 453 – The Puppeteer And The Marionette

Bleach Chapter 453 - Ichigo scared and confused

Scared, confused and isolated, Ichigo's mind crumbles...

Oh Ichigo, I remember when you were the star of Bleach, shining so brightly that nothing was impossible for you and even an otherworldly organisation boasting insane levels of power like Gotei 13 couldn’t wall off your desires and conviction. But now Ichigo, truly sadly now, in most situations you are no more the star of Bleach, but instead the darkness in the background that brightens and emphasises the “star”. Throughout this arc, rather than Ichigo grabbing hold of his conviction to get his Shinigami powers back, he has instead been thrown around like a ragged doll, pushed and pulled, manipulated and fooled, Ichigo has become nothing more than a string-puppet being controlled by the new mind-manipulating characters in Bleach – Ginjou and Tsukishima.

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One Piece Chapters 624-628 – Otohime, The Queen Who Inspired The Hearts Of Her People

One Piece - Queen Otohime coloured by Deiviscc

The hearts of a nation moved by their love for their Queen

Oh One Piece, I can’t win against you, you always find a way into my heart and invoke the tears out of me with your moving and impacting characters. Fisher Tiger’s story and the story about Queen Otohime was amazing.

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Bleach Episode 326 – The Battle Hungry Beast

Bleach - 326 - Kenpachi1

What a boss. Why dodge when you can just take it? This is why Kenpachi is awesome

Yeah Kenpachi was badass this episode and overall this episode was really entertaining and eventful. Rolling like the boss he is and dispatching with whatever gets in his way with brutal slashes and savage punches and kicks (poor ninja…). No need for flashy Zanpakuto releases or lengthy Kido incarnations, just good old entertaining crude fighting =).

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Naruto Chapter 542-543 – The Strongest Tag-Team

Naruto - A and B Fist Bump

"Through these fists, we understand each other, and that's what makes us "brothers"!!"

Glad I decided to wait last week and read both of these chapters together this week, because they were both really good, especially when read together. The story of A and B was pretty awesome, interesting to see how different A was before he became Raikage. A took to heart the words Killer B’s cousin told him and gave B that “something” to fill the hole in his heart which the 8-Tails would have exploited. A back than really did act like a big brother to Killer B and gave B that support which Jinchuuriki desperately need to keep on living as themselves.

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Bleach Chapter 452 – “It’s Shuu-chan!”

Bleach Chapter 452 - Ichigo Fullbring Form

Ichigo's Fullbring Form - colored by bensuit (http://bensuit.deviantart.com)

With a pretty boring start (those first five pages didn’t really convey much) and an average but amusing middle, I wasn’t expecting much from the end, but hahah, guess I was in for a surprise with the cliffhanger which left things off on a very suspenseful and intriguing note (oh more possibilities to think about now).

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailers And Information

Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Lightning

"Time flows without pause. In the world where I no longer exist, the future is about to change..."

Been checking out the latest videos of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and I can’t help but get even more excited about this game. Here is latest trailer and gameplay footage:

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Oh FFXIII, How You Made A Final Fantasy Fan Out Of Me…

Final Fantasy XIII Wallpaper - Cast

Together and against it, they walk forward struggling against their Fates to create a miracle and make their wishes come true

Final Fantasy XIII is a great game and even with the criticism it got for its linearity, I still love it and it has become one of my favourite games I’ve ever played – thanks to it I’ve become a Final Fantasy fan =). Now I admit the game was very linear, but I didn’t have a big problem with this. I had played Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VIII, and some of Final Fantasy X-2 before I played Final Fantasy XIII, but I can’t remember being engrossed in those games. I was more just playing those games rather than also following it, which did lessen the experience I felt while playing them. You could say I was “relatively new” to Final Fantasy because I never truly got into the whole “Fantasy” aspect of the franchise.

I didn’t really think much of a Final Fantasy game and I certainly wasn’t expecting much from Final Fantasy XIII (Final Fantasy games to me prior to playing FFXIII just seemed like games to spend a ton of time on – 100+ hours, and I wasn’t really enthusiastic about spending that much time on a game). I got Final Fantasy XIII and decided to play it on a whim, and how surprised I was when I realised how really caught up in the game I was. The amazing cinematic sequence that introduced the game and main characters and the start right in the middle of the action did seriously grip my attention and begin to catalyst my nonchalant desire to play this game.

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Doubt (Manga)

Rabbit Doubt - The Six Players

Rabbit Doubt; find the wolf and kill them

Doubt revolves around a fictional cell phone game called “Rabbit Doubt“, in which the players are rabbits in a colony; one of these players is randomly chosen to act as a wolf infiltrating the group. Each round, the rabbits guess which is the wolf as the rabbits are eaten one-by-one until none are left.

In this story, six people wake up in an abandoned building and realise they are players in a real-life version of the “Rabbit Doubt” game.  To survive, the wolf, the liar, must die.

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