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One Piece Chapter 761 – Doflamingo’s Desire

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One Piece chapter 761 - Doflamingo's desire

So Doflamingo is after the “Royal Treasure” in order to obtain the “treasure of this world” – makes me wonder what the treasure Doflamingo is ultimately after is =/

So there is a certain “Royal Treasure” hidden away somewhere in Mariejois which the World Government, or more accurately the Tenryuubito, would do anything to keep from being found out by the world. For that reason once Doflamingo had come to find out about the existence of such a “treasure”, the Tenryuubito used everything they could to try and kill Doflamingo. But with Doflamingo being too strong and able for them, they opted to cooperate with him instead, hence why even with Doflamingo attempting to destroy everything the Tenryuubito controls around the world, they still ended up giving him a hand when he needed it earlier in this Dressrosa Arc. In addition, Doflamingo intends to use that “Royal Treasure” to obtain the “treasure” of this world, but for that he needs Law’s Ope Ope no Mi.

How surprising that Law’s Ope Ope no Mi was such a valuable Devil Fruit, especially to the Tenryuubito, whom believe that it can fulfill their greatest dreams, that being the dream of eternal life. The strongest ability of the Ope Ope no Mi is the ability to grant a person immortality, through the “immortality operation”. Once a the user performs this operation on a person, that person becomes immortal, but the users himself/herself ends up dying.

The day in which everything went wrong for Doflamingo is presumably the day 13 years ago when Law left the Donquixote Pirates. Doflamingo had intended to take the Ope Ope no Mi that day, but something happened and he was ultimately unable to. Did Law already have the Devil Fruit in his possession 13 years and did Doflamingo want to kill him to acquire it? And Corazon, did he attempt to stop Doflamingo or buy Law enough time for him to escape? Is this the reason for why Doflamingo was forced to kill Corazon, because he got in his way of acquiring the Ope Ope no Mi? As for Law almost being the “third” Corazon, what exactly does that mean? What number Corazon was Doflamingo’s brother?

One Piece chapter 761 - the royal treasure of Mariejois

Just what could it be that the public knowing of its existence could shake the world to its core?

As for Doflamingo’s current intentions, does he still plan to use the Ope Ope no Mi to acquire the Tenryuubito’s “Royal Treasure”? If so, does he plan on killing Law? Because if he does, he had ample opportunity to do so earlier when he had him chained and knocked out. There must be some reason for why Doflamingo was unable to kill Law at that moment and why Law after having taken so much damage is still moving around mostly unhindered. I’ll hazard a guess that Law is harder to kill than your average person. I’m not exactly sure whether Law is immortal or not, because if he is, how exactly does Doflamingo plan on killing Law? My guess would be that Corazon who may have possessed the Ope Ope no Mi before Law, tried to perform the “Immortality Operation” on Law to save his life (as Law was fated to die 2-3 years after he joined the Donquixote Pirates), but seeing as Corazon is majorly clumsy and prone to mistakes, he may not have successfully been able to perform it on Law, but still succeeded in saving Law’s life and increasing his natural fortitude and endurance. Doflamingo could have got a wind of this and taken Corazon out for “betraying” him.

I have been thinking about what the Tenryuubito “Royal Treasure” could be and how its existence alone is enough to shake the world to the core, and I honestly am stretching my mind trying to think what it could be. I do have a theory though, something that can relate back to Doflamingo’s statement to Disco about “a new era drawing closer”. Could the “Royal Treasure” of the Tenryuubito be a “spacecraft”, one relating to the Ancient Civilization? With the knowledge that space travel is possible and the technology which can achieve that existing; political, military, technological, and scientific developments are inevitable and if Doflamingo intends to usher in a new era, an era of space travel could very well bring that about. The very knowledge of such an existence could be dangerous to publicise for the Tenryuubito as it would motivate the rest of the world to want to know more and demand they share. And I suppose just like the real world, when Governments want to keep space programs (and anything “alien”) secret, there hide any knowledge of its existence away. The Tenryuubito may very well have plans to launch the vessel to one of the moons and/or other planets.

One Piece chapter 761 - Donquixote Corazon

So that is Corazon huh, interesting…

The past between Law, Corazon and Doflamingo is definitely interesting, and I am very excited and curious to see where the story shared between them will lead. What doors will it open? And how will it evolve into something relating to the Tenryuubito? What I am certain about is based on Law’s love for Corazon, and him stating that Corazon saved his life, Corazon must have done something to save Law from his inevitable death. It should be good to see Corazon’s character unravel and the relationship between Law and him develop from them disliking each other into them becoming incredibly close, that Corazon would end up saving Law. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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