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One Piece Chapter 759 – Luffy And Law VS Doflamingo

One Piece chapter 759 - Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk

Lets hope that Red Hawk warmed Doflamingo’s heart up a bit =P

Finally, after all the suffering and pain Doflamingo has inflicted onto others, he is finally getting his just desserts, and this time in the form of a perfectly landed Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. Hopefully this is just an appetizer for what is to come and we are treated to more of Doflamingo getting beaten in the coming chapters. Everything Doflamingo had others pay for his amusement, he should now own up and pay that all back, preferable in the form of a beating dished out by Luffy onto him. Also, Luffy and Law make one amazing tag-team, the set-up they created to open Doflamingo up was incredible.

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Naruto Chapter 691 – The End Of The War

Naruto chapter 691 - Happy Birthday Naruto

Happy 17th Birthday Naruto!

So it seems official, the fourth Shinobi War has ended. With the congratulations and emotional farewells taking place this chapter, it seems hard for Kishimoto-sensei to twist it into a new development of an antagonist returning or a new one appearing, especially after the thoughtful message Naruto left with his dad to pass on to his mother. The mirroring against Kushina’s message to Naruto in chapter 504 was fantastic, Kushina is so going to bawl her eyes dry when she hears what Naruto wants to tell her – what an awesome family.

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