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One Piece Chapter 760 – The Tenryuubito Donquixote Doflamingo

One Piece chapter 760 - Doflamingo's superiority complex

Doflamingo truly was twisted by his time in Mariejois

I would like to say that Doflamingo is a shallow man who is using his bitterness for being rejected by the Tenryuubito to subject others to suffering and pain, but that would be too simple for such a character as Doflamingo. He is a much more complex man, one corrupted by the world he grew up in and confused by the world he was cast into after his father decided to have the family leave Mariejois to live as “normal” humans. The contrasting lifestyle Doflamingo had to grow accustomed to was a reality a world apart from the society which he grew up in and being unable to confound the ‘right and wrong’ of the human society with the ‘right and wrong’ of the Tenryuubito society, Doflamingo grew frustrated and resentful and as a result found an answer in killing his father.

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Naruto Chapter 692 – Sasuke’s Revolution

Naruto chapter 692 - Sasuke vs Naruto - colour by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

The inevitable battle between Sasuke and Naruto begins – colour by DEOHVI

I suppose it was fated for the Naruto vs Sasuke conflict to be the climatic event of the series and thanks to this chapter such a scenario has been set-up. Honestly, while I had expected it, after all the developments Sasuke had gone through after meeting Itachi and realising that revenge isn’t the path that will lead to a positive end, I began to think Sasuke was starting to redeem himself and open his eyes to the actuality of the world and suffering. Apparently though, I was wrong, even after meeting Itachi and hearing him out, Sasuke still intends to fuel destruction by destroying the shinobi system, which includes taking out all five of the Kages. All I can say is I am disappoint Sasuke.

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Bleach Chapter 596 – Counter Drug

Bleach chapter 596 - Mayuri administering drugs to Kensei and Rose

His got the perfect thing for you…just hold still…

Thank goodness Mayuri showed up, whenever he appears, the content of the chapter immediately becomes significantly more entertaining, meaningful and enjoyable. The fact that Mayuri has handled several enemies standing against him, including zombified Gotei 13 Captains and Lieutenants serves to illustrate just how prepared and effective Mayuri is against the Sternritter. All those years of researching, studying and experimenting on Quincy, Hollow and his fellow Shinigami are all coming in use. With Mayuri now up against some more Sternritter, it should be interesting to see how he handles them as well.

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