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Bleach Chapter 598-599 – Senjumaru VS The Sternritter

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Bleach chapter 599 - Yhwach's Elite Sternritter squad

Elite huh, I wonder…

How fascinating, the final Sternritter members are showing up one after another but thanks to Yhwach’s “Elite Force” force showing up, it means there are some opponents for the incoming Karakura team to combat when they arrive, exciting exciting! I was expecting the Senjumaru vs Nianzol Weizol fight to last a bit longer, at least two chapters but interestingly enough, it was dealt with in a matter of pages. I guess even fights at this point in the story can break away from the norm and develop in a different manner.

Senjumaru is such a badass, I love how she pointed out that Nianzol having “loose lips will cause him to bring about his lose”. I just never understood in Bleach why characters keep explaining how their abilities work to their opponent and ultimately keep throwing away whatever advantage or surprise they have in battle. I get that the author needs a way to convey certain information through the pages, but would conveying such information through a character’s thinking be so hard? This way at least the element of surprise could add to the intensity of the battle. But I suppose having a short battle once in a while isn’t so bad as Senjumaru was awesome in the dispatching of Nianzol and his nuisance of an ability.

Bleach chapter 598 - Senjumaru's talents

That is one way to get around Nianzol’s power

Ganju joining up with Ichigo and Co. was amusing, what a throw back to the Karakura squad from the Soul Society Arc near the beginning of the series. Makes me wonder how useful Ganju will be this time and how his skills will come into use against Yhwach and his Quincy Army. I also wonder what use the Fullbring will be this arc and when Ginjou and Co. will come into focus.

With the majority of the Sternrritter having letters assigned to them, the only letter at the moment that doesn’t have a face to it is “N” and fittingly, there is one Sternritter whom hasn’t even had their name revealed yet despite being featured for quite some time in previous battles – that male Sternritter with glasses whom had a nice chat with Kyouraku. Will be interesting to see how far these Sternritter can push the Shinigami and how long they will remain in focus before ultimately being defeated.

Bleach chapter 599 - Senjumaru defeats Nianzol

Well played Senjumaru.

Even though Senjumaru did get shot in the head for the cliffhanger of chapter 599, I seriously doubt she is down for the count as she hasn’t even drawn her zanpakutou yet. With the antagonistic group of the arc getting smaller and smaller, the end of this final arc really does feel like it is coming into sight.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to the next chapter. I hope the Karakura team get to have some opponents to combat, preferably the Elite Force of the Sternritter that just showed up.

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