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Bleach Chapter 597 – Defense Of The Soul King

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Bleach chapter 597 - Senjumaru arrives

Should be interesting to see how Senjumaru goes about combating the Sternritter

Looks like more than a few Sternritter arrived in Reioukyuu (Soul King Palace) than just Yhwach, Haschwalth, Uryuu and those fodder that were defeated earlier by Tenjirou. For another named Sternritter to be present at the scene, how exciting and what a curious ability he has, to be able to bend attacks of others. If he is here, I wonder if anymore Sternritter will make an appearance in Reioukyuu, as there are still several unassigned Sternritter letters. Anyway with Ichigo and Co. heading to Reioukyuu, I wonder how they plan to face Yhwach and handle Uryuu, who is obviously in a tough situation.

Did Liltotto really consume Pepe? I bet she wasn’t entirely content with having to perform such an action, but regardless, if she did consume Pepe, at least his ridiculous actions will be no more. It will be interesting to see who Liltotto and Meninas will be matched up against. Mayuri has been featured a lot recently , which is definitely a good thing, but it feels like other characters will end up taking the spotlight now – likely Byakuya. Either way, Mayuri and Askin Nakk Le Vaar should really meet up again, they seem fated to battle each other as they are so similar, unless of course Kisuke is the one to face Askin.

I am still wondering who that unnamed male Sternritter is, the old man with glasses and a mustache which Byakuya apparently knocked out off-screen. He seemed fairly capable from what we have seen of him and he could be a good opponent for Byakuya if he regains consciousness.

Bleach chapter 597 - Sternritter "W"

What an odd fellow, and that tongue…or tongues…

Exciting to see the Royal Guard attempt to stop Yhwach and failing to do so. Looks like Sternritter “W” was quite useful in how he is able to bend a persons attack and avoid the blow from actually reaching the target, removing the need to dodge or use illusions. Still I wonder if Nianzol Weizol’s ability isn’t just merely bending a persons attack, but being able to bend a person’s shadow and control the person that way. He would have been a good opponent for Shunsui, who does use shadows and wind in his attacks, a shame he isn’t in Reioukyuu currently. But with Tenjirou and Senjumaru there at the moment, it should be fascinating to see how a Royal Guard Shinigami matches up against a Sternritter.

Senjumaru does seem to know Mayuri, so I am hoping for something equally fantastical in how she ultimately deals with her opponent. She also seems to be acquainted with Yhwach, implying that she was part of the Gotei 13 when the Quincy were targeted for extermination by the Shinigami. She has the title of Great Weave Guard, so I am curious to see exactly how she handles herself in battle and what her fighting style actually is. I wonder if Senjumaru developed a system to keep/measure the balance of the worlds in check – track how many Hollows are killed and can be killed to reach a balance and avoid any imbalances in the worlds/dimensions.

Once Ichigo and Co. arrive in Reioukyuu, hopefully Inoue, Sado and Yoruichi have some sort of role to play and/or battle to fight. If more Sternritter show up there, it would help to create a situation where Inoue, Sado and Yoruichi can unleash and have a much deserved battle to have their character and skills highlighted in. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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