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One Piece Chapter 758 – Sniper King Usopp

One Piece chapter 758 - Sniper King Usopp

With reasons behind his actions, the King of Snipers emerges…

Just when you think nothing could top the “God” Usopp moment, Oda-sensei comes and reveals the “Sniper King” Usopp. With a desire to save his captain and the urgency to put a stop to Sugar (again), Usopp lines up his shot from an outrageous distance with the help of Viola’s senrigan and out of no where, the miracle of Kenbunshoku Haki awakens in Usopp allowing him to land a perfect trauma shot on Sugar, knocking her out (again). Everything from the set-up to the execution to the situation was perfect, the representation of Usopp as the Sniper King was amazingly portrayed by Oda-sensei. Viola said it best, absolutely amazing (with a shocked expression and hand over the mouth).

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Bleach Chapter 594 – Dealing With The Un-Dead

Bleach chapter 594 - Mayuri vs Zombie Toushirou

I wonder what Mayuri has planned =/

I find it extremely amusing that a person already dead has ended up dealing with dead people turned undead. Whatever Mayuri has planned for Toushirou it is going to be sadistically awesome and satisfying, a shame the focus on his experiment had to cut to another scene featuring Byakuya. Hopefully Mayuri’s experiment isn’t pushed too far back while Byakuya and his newly attained powers are being highlighted.

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