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Naruto Chapter 670 – Ootsutsuki Hagoromo

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Naruto chapter 670 - Ootsutsuki Hagoromo - by NarutoPants (http://narutopants.deviantart.com)

The Rikudou Sennin, Ootsutsuki Hagoromo appears! – rendered by NarutoPants

What a surprise, I definitely was not expecting Hagoromo, the Rikudou Sennin to appear all of sudden in Naruto’s inner self while Naruto struggles between the borders of life and death. But how necessary and enlightening it is that we have it, a lot definitely was explained and made clear about the story and history of chakra and the conflict behind the Uchiha and Senju. It is also interesting to note that Naruto and likely Sasuke can right the wrongs made centuries ago that has created consequences existing even today, with a decision. Naruto will definitely be up to ending the insignificant feud started centuries ago, but will Sasuke?

As hilarious as it was seeing Naruto completely perplexed by Hagoromo’s dialog style, it sure did take a while for the two to arrive at a point in which both can comfortably communicate with each other. Such a shame fist-bumps weren’t invented back then, it would have made communicating so much easier…speaking of fist-bumps, I feel sad realising that Bee has totally been forgotten in the story. Whatever happened to him after the majority of the Hachibi was stolen from him? Is he struggling painfully in some dark corner of the Naruto world all alone? Poor Bee.

It was interesting to note that Hagoromo didn’t develop ninjutsu, he developed a more open form of chakra practice, ninshuu, which he created in order to inspire hope. Chakra usage was later twisted into more direct forms of application, ninjutsu, that became the foundation of war. With power in the hands of ambitious and sinful minds, ninshuu became an after thought.

Naruto chapter 670 - Ootsutsuki Kaguya

I am interested, definitely interested! Where did Kaguya come from exactly? Where is this “far away place”?!

I was really interested in Hagoromo and his mother, Kaguya, so I am overjoyed that this chapter focused on those two quite sufficiently. Kaguya definitely wasn’t a “human” and Hagoromo did state that she came from a “far away place”. With that, I am now even more curious about Kaguya, where she came from and why she had wanted the fruit from the Shinju =/. Kishimoto-sensei set himself up nicely for another Naruto Arc or a spin-off series with the inclusion of another land within the Naruto-verse. If Kishimoto-sensei wanted, he could very much focus on the land Kaguya grew up in and bring that into the story somehow. Hell, Kaguya, since she ate the fruit of the Shinju, could very well be alive and could currently be residing in the land she grew up in.

Naruto chapter 670 - Ootsutsuki Kaguya's two children

So Kaguya had two children…whatever happened to Hagoromo’s sibling?

Learning that Kaguya had two children was a surprise, especially since we have never heard anything about Hagoromo’s sibling. How exactly will he be included into the story? And was the Juubi sealed between the two of them? Meaning, did Hagoromo only have half the Juubi chakra stored within him before deciding to separating it into nine parts? This should really be interesting, especially since it could very well extend the Naruto series (if and when Hagoromo’s brother becomes relevant).

Hagoromo’s two children, so Ashura was the one who didn’t inherit his father’s powerful genes? And Indra, the elder brother, became so intoxicated in his supreme power that he thought he special to the point of believing that he had every right to lead the people of the world. With Hagoromo choosing Ashura to be the leader of Ninshuu, Indra, shocked and likely disgusted at the fact that the child with zero inherited power was to be the one to lead the world, ended up standing against his father’s decision and challenged it with the power he became drunk on and deluded by. The narrow-minded Indra with his superiority complex couldn’t take a step back and see the world from his father or brother’s perspective.

Naruto chapter 670 - The path Hagoromo saw from Ashura's life

So it was Ashura whom inspired Hagoromo to do what he had done…

So that is how everything began…because Indra felt insecure about himself and couldn’t accept his father choosing his younger brother to lead the principles of Ninshuu. Are the Uchiha really that blind? They could have ended the suffering so much earlier if they accepted Hagoromo’s decision and cooperated with Ashura and his descendants. Ah, let’s hope Sasuke doesn’t make the same mistake when it comes time for him to aid Naruto…

Naruto chapter 670 - Naruto and Ashura - by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

Naruto and Ashura – by IITheYahikoDarkII

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