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One Piece Chapter 740 – Faith In Usopp

One Piece chapter 740 - Soldier-san's resolve

C’mon Usopp, you can do it!

Looking at things from Usopp’s perspective, it must not be easy for him; an ordinary human, without any Devil Fruit powers or Haki, going up against unforgiving pirates wielding dangerous fruits, it is expected he would be fearful, yet the level cowardice Usopp is exhibiting now is shocking even me. I just hope Usopp manages to remember the reason he is sailing the Grand Line for and stop himself from running away. Right now, everyone is relying on him, they all have their faith in Usopp seeing through Operation SOP. Usopp is the only one now able to complete Operation SOP, he NEEDS to take Sugar out. I hope that voice inside Usopp called Sogeking manages to make itself heard by Usopp.

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Naruto Chapter 667 – Prepared To Die

Naruto chapter 667 - Guy's decision


I had a feeling this was coming, especially given the insane power Madara now wields, but seeing it start to happen is bringing a frown to my face. Guy-sensei! It is a given that Guy has to release all eight gates if he hopes to combat Madara on some level of equality, but as has been foreshadowed during the explanation of the eight gates during the Chuunin Exam Arc, releasing all eight gates puts too much strain on the individual’s body and pushes it to the point that surviving is highly unlikely. Ah, it is going to be one explosion of youth and courage next chapter when Guy goes head to head with Madara.

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Bleach Chapter 571 – Yachiru’s Zanpakutou

Bleach chapter 571 - Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Yachiru unsheathes her zanpakutou

Finally we are getting to see Yachiru in a fight and she does resemble Zaraki in quite a lot of ways. Her instinctual personality driving her actions and reactions has amusingly ended up being a blind-spot in Sternritter “V”‘s (Gwenael Lee) vanishing point ability and after seeing him attempt to give Yachiru a finishing blow, each time he failed, Yachiru has gotten noticeable faster at reacting and countering Gwenael. Once Yachiru pulled out her zanpakutou, Sanpo Kenjuu, it looked pretty bleak for Gwenael, and after seeing Yachiru pull out her shikai and utilise its ‘copycat’ ability, Gwenael may very well need to power-up if he hopes to stand a chance against this mini-Zaraki. Gwenael probably has some more tricks up his sleeve, but Yachiru will reign supreme in the end, especially if she does have her bankai form achieved – she already knows her zanpakutou’s name, so she may have achieved the bankai form.

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