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One Piece Chapter 741 – The Legendary Hero

One Piece chapter 741 - color spread

Another awesome colour spread from Oda, love it!

About time Usopp threw his cowardice to the wind and got his courage together! I was waiting and waiting and waiting and now finally the unbearableness of his cowardice got through to Usopp forcing him to face his fears and stop running away. Usopp may yet still become the ‘brave warrior of the seas’ he dreams of being and amusingly he may just get that army of followers he also dreamed of having. The other legendary hero, Kyros, recalls memories of the past and the immense debt he owes King Riku. It’s tragic really, Kyros has been suffering from such a young age and even now, he is still suffering. What strength and will power lies in this man who is able to endure so much hate and negativity and still selflessly push forward with the sole intent of helping others irrespective of whether he loses his life. I can’t help but admire the man.

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Naruto Chapter 668 – The Red Beast Of Konoha

Naruto chapter 668 - Guy opens all eight gates

The red beast of Konoha has arrived!

Guy…so that time has finally come, opening all eight gates. It is obvious Guy won’t defeat Madara, as that role is reserved for Naruto and Sasuke, but Guy right now and the sacrifice he is making will open up the path for Naruto and Sasuke to defeat Madara. Right now Naruto and Sasuke are out of action and require time to heal and get back to their feet, and that is exactly what Guy is buying with his sacrifice, precious time for the new Spring to be ushered in…

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