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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 69-70 – Gowther’s Nightmare Symphony

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 70 - Gowther prepares to face Dreyfus

Mind invasion abilities sure are dangerous…

So the emotionless Deadly Sin has finally revealed the terror that his abilities embody…to invade a person’s mind and literally destroy a person mentally, what a fearsome and shocking ability. The power of illusion, yet what Gowther utilises are the strongest illusions of all, the truth a person tries desperately to hide away from and reject. That piercing darkness within each person’s heart has the potential to eat them mentally when confronted by Gowther and his ability. Dreyfus felt that first-hand and is currently in a state of despair and trauma.

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Fairy Tail Special – 413 Days (Juvia x Gray)

Fairy Tail chapter 376b Special - Juvia - by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Juvia’s state of dejection eased by the arrival of snow – by gaston18

This weeks Fairy Tail special chapter was also great, especially with the focus on Juvia. Even though Juvia’s obsession with Gray does border excessive, it is incredibly cute how taken she is with him. Even with the sad past she has had and the bad things she has done in the past, she is trying her best to change and Gray does serve as an inspiration point for Juvia to center her love and focus around. Along with helping Fairy Tail, the guild which took her in, she wants to continuously impress and be noticed by Gray, who after saving her, she has become infatuated with. This chapter did manage to push their relationship forward in an amusing and moving way.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 376 – Wendy Rises

Fairy Tail chapter376 - Dragon Force Wendy - by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Dragon Force Wendy – by salim202

Overpowered and overwhelmed and pushed to the brink of desperation, Wendy in the face of losing her precious bonds turns to desperate actions awakening the endless potential her magic wields. With the weight of many lives on her smalls shoulders and the inevitable ticking of time against her, Wendy, overcoming her former terror, rises and unleashes her Dragon Force! With five minutes left and a demon in front of her, Wendy gets ready to soar up to the Heavens.

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