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Shokugeki no Soma Chapter 61 – The Feeling That Goes With Cooking

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 61 - Megumi's approach to cooking

The ‘secret’ behind Megumi’s cooking

That was a cute and enjoyable chapter, especially with the kids attaining an interest and excitement for cooking. I was curious to see if the job Isshiki had prepared was something serious, but it turns out it was something much more relaxing and amusing. Souma and Megumi were quite good at focusing the kids attention and the comment Megumi made about her approach to cooking was really cool – no wonder her cooking is filled with so much warmth. The cliff hanger caught me off guard even though it was something I was wondering about, does Megumi have feelings for Souma? Looks like some romantic feelings for Souma may have formed inside Megumi.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 374 – Soul Stealer

Fairy Tail chapter 374 - Franmalth's most powerful soul

Is that Hades?

I was actually expecting Lucy and Wendy to end up fighting Keith, but I suppose since Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla are the only ones currently who know that Face’s timer has been activated, it does make more sense for them to avoid the battle and try and stop Face from activating. Was cool to see Gray encounter Keith and have the passing comment by Keith relating Gray and Silver. Franmalth’s ability was interesting, so he can absorb the soul of other living beings into himself and take on the abilities and appearance they have (reminds me of Buu from Dragon Ball). Will be interesting to see how Natsu and Lucy take on Franmalth that ability of his, especially with his “most powerful” soul seeming quite dangerous.

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