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One Piece Chapter 742 – The Forgotten Man

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One Piece chapter 742 - Kyros cuts his own leg

How unexpected, so this is how Kyros lost his left leg

Developments sure transpired quickly this chapter, especially Kyros’s flashback and Sugar’s “demise”. But I don’t mind at all, with those relevant developments out of the way now, we can finally get into the climax of the arc – the battle with Doflamingo. And concerning that battle, with everything Doflamingo has done and the amount of people he has forced to suffer, he so NEEDS an ass-kicking this arc. Regardless of how strong and capable Doflamingo is, this arc has built him up as a villain who has accumulated too many sins to let escape or have another arc without getting his just deserts this arc. And with the cliff-hanger this chapter, Usopp has ensured that Doflamingo is half-way on his way to receiving his beating.

I was expecting some more highlighting on Kyros’s time in the Colosseum between his 1,000th and 3,000th win, especially with the one hit he had received in his 3,000 matches. Who would have thought that he received the hit in his 3,000th match and it was none other than King Riku disguised as Ricky the Gladiator who gave him that hit. But Kyros held back after he realised Ricky was King Riku and as a result created an opening for King Riku to land the hit. So it is more a lack of commitment to fight King Riku than skill which caused Kyros to have his one and only injury in the Corrida Colosseum. Kyros is practically is a monster when it comes to fighting, I believe he does stand a chance against Doflamingo.

Scarlett’s reaction to Kyros initially was a surprise, she was narrow-minded to the point of being blinded to Kyros’s kindness and genuineness. While it was unfortunate she was kidnapped by pirates, it was fortunate that with her in such a vulnerable position after the ordeal, her walls of bias were torn down and she was finally able to see what a warm and honest man Kyros was. Underneath the grim and villainous image the public had built for Kyros, Scarlett finally saw the man behind the “beast” and instantly fell in love with him.

One Piece chapter 742 - Scarlet in love with Kyros

What a cute turn of events, Scarlett x Kyros

I thought it was a moving development when Scarlet had the Riku Family fake her own death just so she could be together with Kyros. It was great the two were able to live a happy life and were able to have a child, Rebecca. Kyros’s reaction to holding Rebecca was gold, what an honest and loving man. But all that changed when the bastard Doflamingo reared his despicable head into Dressrosa. Why oh why did he have to ruin something so beautiful and corrupt into something so torment, twisted and perverse. Doflamingo really does need to be taken down this arc.

All this time wondering how Kyros lost his leg and was turned into a toy, I never expected things to turn out this way, for him to lose his leg by his own blade and actions. Yet to save King Riku and protect his wife and child, he had to cut off his own leg. Such a shame Sugar had been there, it would have been such an epic battle seeing Doflamingo get a thrashing. Still that is going to happen with Kyros regaining his body back and Luffy being right there as well.

One Piece chapter 742 - Scarlett dies in Kyros's arms


Having to watch his own wife die in his arms without being able to express his love for her and feel her warmth must have been such a painful and crushing experience that he will never forget. In her death, Scarlett could not remember the man she fell in love with, her precious memories she shared with him were stolen…

Such a cruel and inhuman act by Doflamingo, and to continue torturing the citizens of Dressrosa and the victims caught in-between for ten straight years, that is just too heartless and sad. For each of those victim to Doflamingo’s sadistic and selfish actions, what a cruel fate it was to suffer ten years continually tormented by the hell they were cast into. The Strawhat Pirates more than ever need to lay the smack-down on the Donquixote Pirates.

It is nice to learn that Kin’emon has gone to search for Kanjuro, who was last said to have escaped from the scrapheap, so Kin’emon may very well be paying the Underground Trading Port a visit, or the Toy House where Franky currently lay defeated.

As I suspected, the Corrida Colosseum may very well be collapsing with Burgess and Sabo going it intensely. The walls are cracking, and so to is the area beneath the Colosseum. With the SMILE Factory located directly under the Corrida Colosseum Arena, it is only a matter of time until the Colosseum floors and walls give way. It may just be given a helping hand as there is still the mysterious contents of Bartolomeo’s suitcase, which may very well be explosives. Or it could just be a suitcase to store the Mera Mera no Mi in once Bartolomeo steals it =P.

Usopp, I am shocked, he just had three pages in this chapter, yet he completely dominated it with his reaction in the final two pages…that death cry…and Sugar’s shock/horror reaction to it, completely catching her sensibilities off-guard, all of it was painfully hilarious. Even I cringed and was taken aback by Usopp’s reaction to the fake grape. Whoever said you needed Haki to knock a person out, they clearly have not met Usopp…

One Piece chapter 742 - Usopp scares Sugar unconscious

This is what happens when you underestimate Usopp

Sugar, spice and everything Usopp, that is all you need. Great chapter with a brilliant cliff-hanger. It is time Doflamingo received what he has coming to him, all ten years worth. Looking forward to the next chapter. Also Robin in this issues cover page was awesome.

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