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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 98 - Wendy takes on Haku

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 98 – Wendy VS Haku: High Enchanter

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 98 - Wendy defeats Haku

Compassionate, courageous and completely inspiring; Wendy continues to convey the endless extents of her potential through the application of magics that reaches beyond the levels of just Enchanter. Wendy has taken Irene’s lessons to heart and conditioned her mind, body and spirit to resonate with the types of magics Irene is capable of casting which consequently has allowed her to begin accessing High Enchantment level techniques. Without relying on Irene’s magic, Wendy was able to draw out power capable of trapping and defeating a Dark Dragon Slayer. Irene has noticed this and being a High Enchanter herself, understands when another has achieved such a level. Wendy has grown and through such a journey, Irene herself in beginning to change as well.

Irene’s role within the battle was always going to be the deciding factor in the result but what was surprisingly is how centered the focus was on Wendy. Irene was highlighted but rather than break down Haku herself, it was instead Wendy who took on the burden as the challenger to overcome Haku. It was something I didn’t anticipate happening but it is a development I am completely in favour of. Wendy is an incredible mage – as shown when Wendy faced Irene during the Alvarez Empire Arc, she was able to mimic Irene and match a High Enchantment spell she only seen cast once. Wendy’s affinity for Enchantment was always high and right now, we are seeing what else Wendy is capable of after getting some mentoring from a High Enchanter (Irene).

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 98 - Wendy takes on Haku

I doubt Haku has met a High Enchanter before because there are few mages that can perform what Irene was capable of doing. The fact that Haku couldn’t understand how Irene was able to enchant her spirit onto other physical objects let alone realise there exist a magic that can counter his Plushie techniques conveys how clueless Haku is to the potential of Enchantment magic. Haku seriously thought he won and this hubris created a blind spot within his mind where he was left stunned and immobilized when faced with the revelation that his magic was turned back on him. Haku’s mind could not keep up with the developments and as such was left overwhelmed until directly taking Wendy’s Sky Drill attack.

Now that Irene resides within a physical item, a Plushie, will she continue to remain there? I assume that Irene will return to the Plushie that resembles her and potentially enchant it (using Wendy’s magic) to change it’s form to look like her usual physical appearance. At present, Wendy has already reached the heights of High Enchanter and no longer requires direct magic assistance from Irene. Rather, the true mentoring between master and student can begin. Irene can begin to train Wendy in the art of High Enchantments with Wendy now possessing the capacity to handle such magics. Wendy and Irene have the same magic affinity and using Wendy as the medium, Irene can start showing Wendy how her magic can be used. Ultimately, the end point that will be reached is Wendy learning how to return Irene’s spirit into a human body or enchanting elements to create a human physical body for Irene.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 98 - Irene reveals her High Enchantment

Lily may be aware of Irene’s presence now but I wonder if he will keep it a secret on Wendy’s request. I don’t believe the current moment is right for the Irene and Erza to reunite, so in order to avoid needless conflict, Wendy may request Lily to keep Irene’s presence a secret from the others. Before Irene and Erza can meet, I feel a moment of bonding may be required. If Irene does remain in the Plushie which Wendy and Lily convey as someone not Irene, there may come a moment where Irene and Erza are alone and get to share their thoughts on their family with each other. Once a bond is formed, Erza will come to find out that Irene is still alive.

Laxus VS Kirin is a very curious fight. Two of the strongest Dragon Slayers battling each other with Kirin possessing abilities that Laxus does not understand. The coffin Kirin carries around apparently already has a soul which Kirin mentions is the soul of a king. Considering Kirin is a Dragon Slayer, I wonder if he was able to trap the soul of a Dragon within his coffin. Dragons have taken the title of kings before like Acnologia and Igneel, so if there were a Dragon that possessed the title of The Atmosphere Dragon King or the The Wind Dragon King (or is there a Sky Dragon King?), I can see the soul of a Dragon residing within the coffin. The coffin may be shaped to fit a human but if a soul is being talked about, something as intangible as that isn’t excluded from existing within the coffin. Even the emblem of the coffin resembles a Dragon. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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