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One Piece Chapter 1036 - Luffy VS Kaido

One Piece Chapter 1036 – Luffy VS Kaido: New Generation

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One Piece Chapter 1036 - Luffy VS Kaido

The Beast Pirate All Stars and Tobi Roppo have been defeated and all that remains are Kaido, Big Mom, Kazenbo, Fukurokuju, Orochi and the CP-0. The new generation are currently handling Kaido and Big Mom with Yamato rushing to the armory to prevent Kazenbo from igniting the explosives and weaponry. Raizou will take care of Fukurokuju with Hiyori and potentially Denjirou handling Orochi. Outside of these, the most pressing issue are the movements of the CP-0 and their actions relative to the Straw Hat Pirates. The CP-0 sense a potential problem arising with the new generation pirates overwhelming the Beast Pirates. Rather than be caught unprepared with their pants down, the CP-0 have decided to focus on procuring Nico Robin and dealing with the Straw Hat Pirates after they are weakened. Unbeknownst to the CP-0 are the developments taking place atop the Onigashima Skull Dome where Luffy and Kaido are gaining an appreciation for their opponents. As excitement swells up inside their hearts, a connection begins to form that will inevitably end up collapsing the future plans of the CP-0.

Turning back to King, after he was slashed by Zoro, he recalls a moment when he expressed to Kaido that all he seeks going forward was to support him become the Pirate King. Any desire to make Kaido Joyboy was dropped in favour of the belief and gratitude King had attached to Kaido. King abandoned his ambitions to follow Kaido. The gratitude King felt toward Kaido for saving him overwhelmed everything else. This reflected against Zoro’s promise to Luffy after being defeated by Mihawk that as a member of the future King Pirates crew, he will never be defeated again. Zoro too had belief and gratitude in Luffy but unlike King, Zoro continues to strive toward the goal he defined in his youth with Kuina. The will between warriors expressed themselves through this battle with Zoro ultimately coming out victorious. The ambitions Zoro possessed overwhelmed the lost dreams King abandoned.

One Piece Chapter 1036 - Zoro defeats King

What the flashback conversation between Kaido and King conveys is the connection between the Lunarian race and Joyboy. Without further context, the current dialogue available suggest that to the Lunarian race, Joyboy was an important figure, a figure they had been waiting for. One that had been whispered about in legends that would usher in a new age for the world. Kaido seems to understand what Joyboy represents and his inability to match such a role. Considering that King was initially fine with a non-Lunarian being attack to the legends of Joyboy, it leads me to believe that Joyboy may not have been an Lunarian himself but someone that was highly regarded by the Lunarian. If this is the case, will we get further story of the Lunarian expanded on when a character linked to that Lunarian that isn’t King comes to befriend the Straw Hat Pirates? Said character may not need to be Lunarian themselves but someone that is well informed on the history and legends of the Lunarian people.

As the battles across Onigashima continue to progress, the Island move ever closer to the Flower Capital with Momonosuke desperately trying to hold the Island back and prevent it from falling onto the Capital. Meanwhile, closer to the basements of Onigashima, Yamato continues to pursue the Kazenbo with it closing nearer and nearer to the armory. Thanks to Fuga providing Yamato support, the guard stationed outside the basement armory, the Number Rokki, was able to be dispatched and pinned downed by Fuga. Yamato now has runway to the Kazenbo. After seeing it once, Yamato understands its danger and will have to find a way to take care of the Kazenbo before it can ignite the explosives in the armory. The Kazenbo is singularly focused on the armory and considering it is the collection of Kanjuro’s hatred, it likely can’t be distracted from the purpose it was born with. Yamato will have to find a way to handle the Kazenbo before it reaches the Armory.

It was great seeing Usopp save Kin’emon and Kiku but I admit it is sad that he couldn’t handle the nameless Beast Pirates himself. Instead Usopp had to wait for a gunman that could perform better than him to show up. Izo basically did what Usopp is made for (shooting) and did it better. Hopefully, there will come a moment where Usopp can shine because he hasn’t had much opportunity to feature prominently in this arc.

One Piece Chapter 1036 - Fuga helps Yamato enter the basement armory

Apoo abandoning Drake as he escapes the CP-0 is such an Apoo move. He was sad for Zanki but not sad enough to stay and assist him. As expected, Drake alone couldn’t take on the CP-0 agent and was ultimately defeated. Curiously, Drake wasn’t killed by an assassin agent but given Oda-sensei’s writing style, it makes sense why Drake and Zanki were only injured and knocked out. With the CP-0 now aware that only Kaido and Big Mom are left to be defeated, they have become cautious of the waves the Straw Hat Pirates could create if news got out that they defeated the Beast Pirates and held off Big Mom. They will still be targeting Robin but they will likely also be interested in taking down the Straw Hat Pirates while they are weakened.

Kaido has become increasingly fascinating by Luffy. The feelings and memories he desperately tried to recreate from his fight with Oden are resurfacing and as a result, he now wears a genuine smile. That belief that Luffy wasn’t the one to take on Joyboy’s will is slowly being turned around. What Yamato see’s in Luffy will become a sight Kaido will inevitably come to understand. Kaido will acknowledge Luffy and once defeated will look forward to seeing his child move forward alongside the Straw Hat Pirates. Kaido’s dream will be fulfilled through Yamato. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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