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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 91 - Selene becomes the guild master of Diablos

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 91 – Selene’s Scheme

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 91 - Selene becomes the guild master of Diablos

What a fascinating shift in intentions for Selene. She not only recognised the inevitability of rejecting the flow of the world by acting as a Dragon feared across it but reconciled her vision to adapt her existence within such a changing world. The ease at which she is able to pivot her actions to accommodate her desires is truly spectacular. There is no animosity or outright disdain behind her actions. Sure, Selene is aware of her own superiority but sensibility is the overriding concept prevailing within her perspective. Selene argues with not only power and threats but also reason and rationality.

It’s quite astonishing how aware Selene is of her place within the world and her inability to completely go against its flow. She is incredibly powerful but Selene knows that it is even beyond her to challenge the providence of the age. Forces exist that not even she can break or bend. As such, rationality guided her to her current path. One where humans exist free from the subservience of the Dragons. An age in which she isn’t hunted and inconvenienced. Selene never intended to rule over humans, rather she only sought to exist in moments where boredom was a non-existence. She is not benevolent or amicable. Only enamored by her fascination.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 91 - Selene understands the power of humans

The actions of Selene have now set the story forward on a path where Diabolos and Fairy Tail exist at the center. These forces are destined to conflict. And it is within that inevitability that excitement and wonder can’t help but escape from the happenings transpiring within this chapter. The promise has been made and the time for these two forces to clash is upon us. Selene’s actions have additionally drove certain members of Diabolos to a crossroad where a separation from Diabolos is a very real possibility i.e. Suzaku and Kiria.

I am very interested to see the rest of the Diabolos members and how they stack up against Team Natsu and Suzaku. With Suzaku and Kiria’s motivations in question after Selene’s actions, the remaining Dark Dragon Slayers will become the main opponents for the Team Natsu. Suzaku will force himself forward so that he can one day slay Selene but his actions as part of Diabolos will slowly whittle away his resolve until he eventually abandons Selene’s. His character seems set-up to eventually work alongside Fairy Tail. I also expect Suzaku to come to terms with the type of person Georg was. Selene was totally right in her assessment of Georg – if he was weak enough to be flattened by her forefoot, he wasn’t capable enough leading Suzaku. I do wonder about the tears Suzaku shed though. Who was Georg to Suzaku?

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 91 - Selene reasons with Suzaku

Selene is incredibly methodological in her approach but I wonder how her plans will adapt once she becomes aware of Fairy Tail and their potential in stopping the Dragons. Selene’s desire to kill Elefseria obviously conflicts with Fairy Tail and likely won’t be fulfilled if Fairy Tail are at the scene when the Dark Dragon Slayers arrive. Suzaku did overwhelm Natsu and Erza before but he hasn’t faced them once they were fired up. If the Dark Dragon Slayers do fail to kill Elefseria, how will Selene’s assessment of them turn out? The possibility of Elefseria being killed though is very real but how would Elefseria’s death affect the resolve of Team Natsu? They only met Elefseria once and I don’t believe much emotional resonance has been built between them for his death to affect Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza and Wendy tremendously. What I can see happening if Elefseria sacrificing his life so that Team Natsu can escape and fight another day. Such an act would form a bond that will ignite Team Natsu’s resolve against Diabolos.

Selene is cognizant of the potential humans possess and rather than be an enemy of such a force, she seeks to align herself with such power. Once Fairy Tail enter the scene and establish their potential within Selene’s mind, how will the course of her actions change? Selene’s plans for Elentir have already been stopped by Fairy Tail and if they keep making a habit of foiling her designs, she is wise enough to know when to adapt. But in what way will she? As for Kiria, will Selene use her as a hostage or will Kiria separate herself from Diabolos? And how will Erza being a half dragon affect the story. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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