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Edens Zero Chapter 163 - Shiki VS Shura


Edens Zero Chapter 163 – Shiki VS Shura: Resistance

Edens Zero Chapter 163 - Shiki VS Shura

Victory blinds one to the shadow of failure and desire eludes sight from the light of prudence yet desperation empowers recklessness with the weight of resolution. As Shiki and Ziggy are cornered in their respective battles, their loses become solidified in their opponents minds creating a blind spot for Shura and Nero. The weight of the convictions challenging them crash down on them like the reality they chose to ignore. What an absolutely spectacular chapter filled with thrills, twists and terrifying possibilities. Will Rebecca come into play or will the battle be decided in the current reality with the participants present? The resistance Shiki’s offers Shura suggest that Rebecca may not need to use her Cat Leaper abilities.

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