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One Piece Chapter 1027 - Zoro breaks part of King's mask

One Piece Chapter 1027 – Zoro VS King: Fury

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One Piece Chapter 1027 - Zoro breaks part of King's mask

The mystery behind King’s appearance is starting to unravel and inevitably the form of such an enigma will be unmasked. What will Zoro witness when he accomplishes such an act and will the image before him resonate with a figure he knows? Or will the image of a Lunarian beckon more questions than answers? What is clear is that Zoro is beyond his limits and King has suffered a blow unknown to him. Both combatants look to end the battle without delay and through such fury their battle has led them to the surrounding land outside the Onigashima skull dome. Both are now free to unleash.

With King able to take advantage of the open skies, how will Zoro end up defending and countering that? Will Zoro resort to his range attacks or await for King to come to him? Or could King get distracted by Luffy’s battle against Kaido and/or the crumbling of Onigashima? Whatever the case, King is going to be defeated and it is going to be fascinating to see his actual appearance and more of his story.

I would be very curious to find out if King’s appearance has similarities with that of the Shandian people. With King’s wings and the mystery of the Lunarian race, there is very real possibility that a connection to the Sky People (Skypieans, Shandorians and Birkans) that once originated from the Moon exist. The race name Lunarian does establish a very particular connection to the Moon.

One Piece Chapter 1027 - Yamato and Momonosuke attempt to stop Onigashima from falling on the Flower Capital

Turning to Yamato, the heightened focus he and Momonosuke are getting is very telling to the direction in which it appears to be heading. More focus is given to Yamato spending time with Momonosuke now because in the future, Yamato won’t be around to assist Momonosuke. The possibilities of what Momonosuke’s Dragon form can do is being taught by Yamato now rather than later. And the capabilities aren’t simple ones, they are tremendously powerful abilities that give the user the ability of “flight” and moving gigantic pieces of land through the sky. Why would such focus be so prominent now? Once Momonosuke learns these abilities, what would Yamato achieve by staying in Wano Kuni after the Beast Pirates are defeated? To protect Momonosuke and Wano? That rationale falls flat when one considers that both Momonosuke and Yamato realise that the best way to protect Wano is to achieve that which Oden was unable to fulfill 20 years ago – assist the one carrying on Joy Boy’s will.

Yamato having a separate task of his own in the climax also conveys Oda’s intent to elevate Yamato’s character alongside Luffy rather than have him be overshadowed by Luffy in the fight against Kaido. The act of stopping Onigashima from landing/falling on the Flower Capital has been intensified to the level of stopping Kaido. Defeating Kaido isn’t enough to save Wano Kuni now – the majority of the Wano people are present in the Flower Capital currently. The actions Yamato and Momonosuke now take will hold equal importance as Luffy’s fight against Kaido in regards to Wano Kuni’s fate. Such actions will undoubtedly serve to highlight Momonosuke but the primary character Oda has set-up to be spotlighted is Yamato. Such a focus has already been evidenced by Yamato’s belief in Luffy and the need to do what they can alone to prevent death and destruction in the Flower Capital and Onigashima. The reason Oda will be able to spend substantial time focusing on Momonosuke is because Yamato will be there (note the focus Momonosuke got when away from Yamato and Luffy). Oda has set-up Yamato to be the one driving the mission and guiding Momonosuke.

One Piece Chapter 1027 - Yamato aware that the problem at hand is for Momonosuke and him to deal with

Momonosuke will eventually gather the courage and conviction to save Wano and it will be in that moment that Yamato’s role as his mentor and guardian will end. Yamato will pursue his dreams after Wano Kuni is saved and the borders opened. Momonosuke in turn will support Yamato’s intentions and even push Yamato toward them if conflict clouds Yamato’s heart about his decision. Such is the journey Momonosuke has been tempered on. When Yamato leaves, the relation between Yamato and Momonosuke won’t exist as a mentor/guardian type but rather one of friends. The current focus on Yamato spending time with Momonosuke is so that Yamato’s role as mentor and guardian is fleshed out in order for the path toward friendship to be comprehensively established. The time is taken now by Oda because he intends to separate Yamato and Momonosuke after the Wano Kuni arc ends. Wano will be the place Yamato can call home after his journey and adventures with the Straw Hat Pirates. Such a path becomes apparent chapter after chapter.

Even though this anime episode was a filler one (episode 102), this scene aptly describes the imagery created between Luffy leaving assisting Momonosuke stopping Onigashima to Yamato and Yamato leaving Kaido to Luffy. Yamato could not defeat Kaido, but his belief in Luffy enabled him to leave the task to Luffy. And Luffy’s awareness of Yamato’s capabilities allowed him to leave Momonosuke and the stopping of Onigashima in his charge. Luffy has passed on such a mission to Yamato so that he can focus all his attention on stopping Kaido. Such an imagery extended further once Yamato became aware of Kaido’s weakening hold on Onigashima. Yamato understood that the issue at hand can only be solved by Momonosuke and him. Oda may not be focusing on Yamato interacting with other Straw Hat Pirates but he is certainly giving Yamato the Straw Hat treatment by intentionally colouring him in such a manner. And such an intent is very marked. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1027 - Yamato leaves Kaido to Luffy

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