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Edens Zero Chapter 162 - Ziggy VS Nero

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Edens Zero Chapter 162 – Ziggy VS Nero: Absolute Victory

Edens Zero Chapter 162 - Ziggy VS Nero

How fascinating. So the Empire Dice Nero possesses is not his Ether Gear but a relic he obeys in order to escape the reality of defeat. Rather than purely using the Empire Dice according to his will, Nero instead follows the guidance provided by the Dice. Their relation is a transactional one with an equal cost balancing out the triumphant. Nero has continually chosen to pay the price in the face of that absolute victory. If the Dice possesses some form of sentience, did it have a reason for leading Nero to adopting Shura? And if so, does its awareness extend to the Shura’s intentions for Nero 1? How does the Empire Dice perceive the path to victory and where exactly did it come from?

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