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Fairy Tail Chapter 511 – Sting VS Larcade

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Fairy Tail chapter 511 - Sting VS Larcade

Dragon Slayer VS Desire Slayer

Looks like Natsu is central to this very battle; Sting has a favour to repay to Natsu for helping him and Sabertooth out during the Grand Magic Games and Larcade has a burning desire to kill Natsu for stealing his father’s attention and interest way from him. Larcade’s existence is getting more mysterious by the chapter, he has now been noted by Sting as having the same smell as Natsu which heavily implies if not confirms that Larcade was made in the same way as Natsu. Given this information, how does Mavis fit in?

I admit I am not that interested in Larcade’s character and doubt Mashima-sensei planned to make his character likeable as well, what I am interested in though is the mystery surrounding his existence and how other key characters fit in i.e. Zeref, Mavis and Natsu. There is an underlying relevance to Larcade’s character which I believe relates to a larger connection within the story. Why does Zeref have so much fate in Larcade? Exactly what is Larcarde’s purpose to Zeref? I get Larcade has large-scale effectual magic but he doesn’t appear to be that overwhelming to me that a strong mage couldn’t battle and defeat. His magic is problematic but as shown by Kagura and later Sting, it isn’t unstoppable. His victims can resist his magic and even break away from its effects once under them. If his magic can’t work on the enemy, what else can he do?

Larcade’s magic revolves around three areas; pleasure, hunger and sleep. He is able to manipulate such elements within his victims/surrounding area, which is why currently the majority of Fairy Tail forces are down. Hunger is an interesting element to control but against Dragon Slayers it is extremely effectual. Unfortunately though for Larcade, Sabertooth has several strong members and thanks to Minerva using her Territory magic, Rogue had the opportunity to feed Sting his shadows. Full on shadow, the White Dragon Slayer transforms in the Shadow White Dragon Slayer. Just like Natsu, Gajeel and future Rogue, Sting is able to combine different magical elements with his own. This is probably largely due to his familiarity with Rogue’s shadow magic but it is still insanely exciting to see the Sabertooth members getting some significant coverage. Hopefully Mashima-sensei didn’t power-up Sting just to highlight Larcade. Would have liked to see all the members highlighted in a substantial manner but I’ll take what we currently have. This is the moment for Sting to prove his worth as the guild master of Sabertooth.

Fairy Tail chapter 511 - White Shadow Dragon Slayer

That’s incredibly cool, just like future Rogue. How will Shandow and Light collaborate together?

With Larcade yet to showcase how he can control the desire of “slumber”, this battle is far from over even with Sting in his current form. But hopefully, Sting can fight on through his desires and find a way to defeat Larcade. It is obvious that Sting won’t fall prey to the ominous sounding ability of R.I.P. but it should be interesting to how Sting goes about defeating Larcade or creating the opportunity for Larcade to be defeated. Still, I am curious to see what this R.I.P. ability is. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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