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Fairy Tail Chapter 512 – The White Shadow Dragon Slayer

Fairy Tail Chapter 512 - Sting defeats Larcade

With the combined efforts of his fellow members and Kagura, Sting defeats Larcade

Was Larcade really ‘created’ to be Zeref’s trump card against Acnologia? Did Zeref really believe the ability to control desire would overwhelm Acnologia and serve as the basis for Acnologia’s defeat? If so, than Zeref severely underestimated Acnologia and overestimated Larcade’s abilities. Sure Larcade has powerful abilities, but to the point of being able to subject Acnologia to his desires? I honestly don’t think so. Larcade would be torn to shreds before he even had a chance to utter anything dealing with souls ascending to heaven. That is just the might of Acnologia. Once Larcade’s abilities are overcome, there isn’t anything else remaining that makes Larcade a terrifying opponent. As such, once Sting overcame Larcade’s R.I.P. ability, he was able to turn the tables and land a striking blow onto Larcade. But if Larcade is defeated here, what did August mean that Larcade can only be defeated by his mother? And when will we get to learn what Larcade is and how he is connected to Zeref, Mavis and Natsu?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 511 – Sting VS Larcade

Fairy Tail chapter 511 - Sting VS Larcade

Dragon Slayer VS Desire Slayer

Looks like Natsu is central to this very battle; Sting has a favour to repay to Natsu for helping him and Sabertooth out during the Grand Magic Games and Larcade has a burning desire to kill Natsu for stealing his father’s attention and interest way from him. Larcade’s existence is getting more mysterious by the chapter, he has now been noted by Sting as having the same smell as Natsu which heavily implies if not confirms that Larcade was made in the same way as Natsu. Given this information, how does Mavis fit in? Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 510 – The Bond Shared Between The Dragon Slayers

Fairy Tail chapter 510 - Natsu's parents

Nice to finally see what Natsu’s parents look like

Guess the Sting VS Larcade match up did come to pass. Fgures as both mages utilise light magic as their element, it was inevitable. Been waiting for this match up as well as Sting needs to prove his capabilities as a guild leader and make up for the failure he displayed when they were defeated earlier. Sting needs this battle to showcase just how strong Sabertooth really are and to prove to Yukino that he is worthy of her belief. Regarding Natsu, what exactly is the identity of the disturbance inside his body? Wasn’t it just the amalgamation of the dark energy inside him? Guess it is something more significant than I initially realised. Continue reading

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Fairy Tail Chapter 405-406 – The Fury Of Mard Geer

Fairy Tail chapter 406 - Mard Geer, the Dark King

Overwhelming and overpowering, Mard Geer showcases his terrifying strength

Interesting, so Mard Geer does have some bite to back his bark, I was worried for a moment there that him being too overconfident in his abilities would let him get complacent during his battle with the Dragon Slayers and ultimately have his perception of humans erupt into flames. Still that may happen, but it looks like Natsu and Co. will need to come up with some drastic strategy to even begin to get Mard Geer serious. I wonder if Mard Geer will even be defeated this arc or whether it will conclude with the Face plan failing and Mard Geer retreating with E.N.D.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Sabertooth Arrives

I feel so happy for Minerva, she is finally free from the shackles of fear encumbering her so painfully

Frozen by detachment and confused by superiority, the heart of a girl once so full of warmth is smothered by the narrow-mindedness of strength and the fear of weakness. Engraved within her being by the terror of her father and the darkness of his teachings, she distanced herself from her feelings and began to ignore the cries of her heart, cries that craved to be embraced. Yet through her denial of herself and the acknowledgement of who she is, the heart of her emotion began to beat again and with the realisation of a place to belong, tears once dried up and frozen begin to rejuvenate the heart.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 294 – Sabertooth vs Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Chapter 194 - Colour Spread

What a great colour spread, love having the main players of Fairy Tail in these Grand Magic Games highlighted here =D

Well that was certainly enjoyable seeing Sting and Rogue get a beating by Gajeel and Natsu, even more so when all the higher level attacks they tried on Natsu and Gajeel were backhanded into ineffectiveness. The extra long chapter was amazing, so good having those extra pages to read, especially for this battle. Interesting end though, Dragon Force huh? Is it really THE Dragon Force we seen take down Jellal and Zero, or is some waterdowned version slightly more powerful than the Second Generation Dragon Force? Well will be interesting to see just how powerful Sting and Rogue’s Dragon Force is.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 293 – The Approaching Dragons

Fairy Tail Chapter 293 - Natsu and Gajeel - colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

Tag-team battle; Fairy Tail vs Sabertooth; Natsu and Gajeel vs Sting and Rogue – colour by EternaJehuty (http://eternajehuty.deviantart.com)

I…*takes a deep breath in*…now that was truly unexpected, to think that Nichiya was the person behind the Rabbit costume. How anti-climatic, how disturbing, how hilarious, how utterly discordanting to the senses, but how fitting for Ichiya’s partner so much so that it ended up being an awesome development =P. While I was expecting something more impacting from the identity of the rabbit, I was stunned in a different way and Nichiya appearing really is still a great development; I was wondering where the Exceed were now, seven years on from when we last seen them. Ichiya smoking Rocker and Bacchus (he sobered up too much from the shock of seeing Nichiya…) was awesome, no wonder Erza sees him at the strongest member on the Blue Pegasus team, but wow, how disturbing he can be…

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