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One Piece Chapter 847 – Big Mom’s Library


One Piece Chapter 847 - Big Mom's Library

My goodness, how many poor souls are trapped inside those books?

Big Mom’s definitely gone and done it now, uttering that very phrase in front of Luffy which has spelt the doom of a many who have come before. Despite the situation, despite the gap in power, despite the difference in status, despite the numbers, despite the varying experiences, whenever anyone challenges Luffy to the title of the Pirate King, a raging fire ignites within him subsequently consuming those challenging him. Big Mom has made a mistake, keeping Luffy alive has just sealed her fate. Once Luffy is free, he won’t let things slide; on top of Big Mom being a danger to Fishman Island, on top of Big Mom taking Sanji away, she now stands in Luffy way on the path to becoming Pirate King. And lets not forget, once Luffy finds out what Big Mom did to Jinbe, he will not forgive her.

Surprised to see Carrot and Chopper captured, but given that they were in Brulee’s world, there was only so far they could run before being captured. Thankfully, Chopper has room to escape his binds, but he is waiting for an opportune moment to unleash his Monster Point. With several of Big Mom’s underlings present, it will be interesting to see how Chopper handles the situation and in turn what Carrot will do once free.

Big Mom’s Library, oh dear, this is just like the Underground Harbour in Dressrosa i.e. a massive problem waiting to happen. As with Doflamingo, Big Mom has in essence created an opportunity for the Straw Hat Pirates to exploit. The defeat of Sugar and the subsequent release of the toys resulted in the beginning of the end for Doflamingo. Likewise once Mont-d’Or is defeated, the monsters, beasts and unique creatures locked away within Big Mom’s books will be set free to cause chaos around Wholecake Island. It is not a question of if Mont-d’Or will be defeated, but when assuming his defeat does nullify his book world effect. Currently with the group split and none near Mont-d’Or besides the imprisoned Luffy and Nami, I don’t any of the current characters playing the role of defeating Mont d’Or. It would be cool if it were Caesar who defeats Mont-d’Or, but he probably has his own problems to deal with currently. Instead it will probably be the result of the item hinted as being relevant to this arc since the Fishman Island arc conclusion, the Tamatebako. Like with the vivre card Lola gave Nami, it served a major purpose, equally so, I believe the Tamatebako which contains explosives will serve a major purpose in paving the path towards Big Mom’s downfall.

One Piece Chapter 847 - The Tamatebako

The opening of the Tamatebako is going to be a blast

Either via his own volition of when Big Mom opens the box, Mont-d’Or will be present to be caught inside the explosion and knocked out. Ironically, it could be the greed of Big Mom that signals her end. With Mont-d’Or knocked out, Luffy, Nami and the rest of the imprisoned victims will be set free. Chaos will ensure and the control Big Mom held over her Island will rapidly dissipate and turn into a situation uncontrollable by Big Mom. Angered and in a state of rage, Big Mom will surely lose her reasoning and come after Luffy. I am unsure whether Big Mom will be defeated in this arc but for the Vinsmoke Family to see no value in joining with the Big Mom Pirates, her defeat will be necessary. Could Jack or Weevil make an appearance during the climatic moment? Regardless of what happens, Big Mom will not win.

Enjoyed seeing the collector/hoarder side of Big Mom. Not only does this convey Big Mom’s desire for uniqueness but it also cements Big Mom’s intention towards possessing valuable things, the treasure of the Pirate King included. While Big Mom may have the desire to become the Pirate King, her reason for wanting to be so are entrenched very much in the materialistic side of things. Not even her family are as important as the items/creatures she collects (the Longlimb Human sounds quite cool). Well, minus Giants as something most likely happened in Big Mom’s past that caused her to despise them. Just the mere mention of the word ‘Giant’ drew a deathly reaction from Big Mom. Despite Big Mom’s size, did non of the Giant want and/or approve of her? Is that why she hates them so much? Curious to learn more about Big Mom and her history with Giant and such a story will be relevant to the future Elbaf Arc of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 847 - Big Mom's reaction to the mention of Giants

Oh, that’s an interesting reaction. What happened in her past to cause it?

Given that Big Mom’s crew has visited Punk Hazard, I am surprised they only managed to procure a Centaur. Did the Big Mom Pirates not come across the Yeti Cool Brothers or were they not unique enough to capture? What about the Harpy Monet? As far as we have seen, Monet has been the only “Harpy” within One Piece as of yet. As unique creatures go, Monet fits that perfectly. Given that Monet’s “death” does not conform to Oda-sensei’s writing style when he is killing off characters, I am confident that Monet is still alive. If this is true, was Monet not present when the Big Mom Pirates visited Punk Hazard? Surely they would have known a Harpy was present on the Island given their information network. Or it could be that the Big Mom Pirates did capture Monet but instead of add her to the collection within the Library, they have her working alongside Caesar to develop the Giantification formula. Big Mom has matched all of Caesar’s working conditions to those on Punk Hazard except for the assistant. I order to silence Caesar, I can see Big Mom utilising Monet to fully complete the working conditions Caesar has on Wholecake Island compared to Punk Hazard. This may not entirely be the case and Monet is irrelevant but I am very interested to find out what happened to her character (as I said before, I am confident that she is not dead).

One Piece Chapter 847 - Luffy challenges Big Mom again

And lets not forget Jinbe, Luffy will take him with him as well

Luffy has challenged Big Mom again and Pedro has begun his operation to serve as  a distraction. With Brook on his way to acquire an imprint of the Road Poneglyph, what surprises will he run into and when will Jinbe show up to save the day! Well Jinbe will probably need saving first. What is Caesar up to and why is Sanji acting like a complete fool? It should already be painfully obvious to Sanji that Luffy isn’t one to give up on a nakama, so why is he acting like he doesn’t know this? Looking forward to the next chapter.


2 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 847 – Big Mom’s Library

  1. I’m surprised you didn’t talk about lola. she was a very big part of this chapter given how it pretty much reveals how little big mom cares for her for running away. that and its likely now that big mom only “loves” her children as long as they obey her will, and lola was the only one to have the balls to live a life of her own away from her nut of a mother. I wonder if they will meet her sister soon.

    • I honestly didn’t know what to make of it at the time, but now that I think about it, that development was a major one. Initially I had thought that Big Mom would be swayed by the fact that the Straw Hat Pirates saved one of her daughters but given Big Mom’s treatment of Moscato and her comment to Anana about how she would eventually kill Anana, it did start to become apparent that Big Mom didn’t care that much about her children as initially presumed but there was still that wonder if Big Mom would feel gratitude for having one of her daughters saved. Her reaction this chapter to Lola having running away pretty much confirms that there is no unconditional love between Big Mom and her children.

      As you say, she will only love them if they obey her and help further her greed. Consequently, this makes it certain that Big Mom won’t be becoming an ally or letting Sanji go from gratitude she feels of having her daughter saved (that wasn’t likely to begin with but that possibility existed until now). Instead there is only really one path forward for Luffy and Co., to challenge Big Mom directly and find a way to steal Sanji (and Jinbe) back.

      If Chiffon does find out that the Straw Hat Pirates saved Lola, I can see her helping them to some extent. From what we have seen, she doesn’t seem evil or nasty. I wonder if she will tell them what happened to Pekoms =/.

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