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Fairy Tail Chapter 511 – Sting VS Larcade

Fairy Tail chapter 511 - Sting VS Larcade

Dragon Slayer VS Desire Slayer

Looks like Natsu is central to this very battle; Sting has a favour to repay to Natsu for helping him and Sabertooth out during the Grand Magic Games and Larcade has a burning desire to kill Natsu for stealing his father’s attention and interest way from him. Larcade’s existence is getting more mysterious by the chapter, he has now been noted by Sting as having the same smell as Natsu which heavily implies if not confirms that Larcade was made in the same way as Natsu. Given this information, how does Mavis fit in? Continue reading


Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Sabertooth Arrives

I feel so happy for Minerva, she is finally free from the shackles of fear encumbering her so painfully

Frozen by detachment and confused by superiority, the heart of a girl once so full of warmth is smothered by the narrow-mindedness of strength and the fear of weakness. Engraved within her being by the terror of her father and the darkness of his teachings, she distanced herself from her feelings and began to ignore the cries of her heart, cries that craved to be embraced. Yet through her denial of herself and the acknowledgement of who she is, the heart of her emotion began to beat again and with the realisation of a place to belong, tears once dried up and frozen begin to rejuvenate the heart.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 277-291 – Shaking The World

Fairy Tail Chapter 279 - colour spread

Like a wind forgotten by the world, they unleash themselves rocking it to its very core…

Strength through bonds, strength through will, strength through belief, possibility through impossibility; THIS IS FAIRY TAIL!! In the shadows of the past and in the darkness of memories forgotten, they rise up against the challenges of the present and reclaim wings once carrying them through skies of greatness. To answer their beliefs and to respond to their quaking souls; they reach out with all their might to grasp the “now” glimmering before them, shattering the perception of all eyes denying them in the process.

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