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Bleach Chapter 624 – The Return Of Grimmjow

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Bleach chapter 624 - Grimmjow appears

A wild Grimmjow appears!

Well colour me excited, it is about damn time the Fang of Hueco Mundo revealed his sexy self! Been waiting for Grimmjow’s return ever since it was hinted at back when Ichigo made it out of Hueco Mundo. I was hoping for Harribel to appear with Grimmjow when he returns as Harribel is an awesome character whose potential wasn’t fully utilised in the Arrancar Arc. It would also be fantastic to get a some Arrancar highlighted in this final arc of Bleach. Hopefully such a card is still on the table and Grimmjow went to rescue Harribel during the time he was out of focus. Very excited to see how Ichigo and Grimmjow interact with each other now that they are working towards a common goal – stopping Juhabach.

Aizen, good to see he wasn’t majorly affected by Najahkoop’s paralysis and even better to see him continuing to be his charming self. If Kyouraku just released Aizen and sent him after Juhabach, the whole situation would be sorted already, but I guess we have to have Aizen seeing Ichigo save the day once again. Will be an interesting moment if and when Aizen comes to meet Ichigo again.

Kon appearing was great, I can’t believe Kubo-sensei actually managed to include him in this portion of the arc. Well done Kubo-sensei! Thanks to Kon, this arc has become a lot more enjoyable. A pity the lovable Kon is still getting beaten up by Ichigo =(.

Bleach chapter 624 - Yoruichi ready to counter attack

Very excited to see Yoruichi in combat again

Nice to see Yoruichi back with her arm healed, can’t wait for the match-up between Pernida and her to become a reality. Would be amazing to finally see Yoruichi in a serious battle after so long and hopefully even have her zanpakutou revealed.

The Arrancar were such interesting antagonist during the Arrancar Arc, so it is wonderful to see Kubo-sensei giving them some more love this arc through certain characters. Hopefully alongside Grimmjow we see the likes of Harribel and Nel. Would make such a great development to see the Arrancar work alongside Ichigo against the Sternritter. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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