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One Piece Chapter 784 – Gear Fourth

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One Piece chapter 784 - Luffy's Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth: Boundman – weird looking, but still cool

It is finally here, a new gear developed by Luffy using his Gomu Gomu no Mi powers to increase his battle potential, a gear centered around bouncing. In order to combat the giant beasts on Rusukaina, Luffy on top of developing his Haki exploited the “bounciness” of his rubber body and utilised his experience in Nightmare Luffy form to design a new Gear. While in Gear Fourth has increased both his offensive and defensive capabilities and is currently overwhelming Doflamingo with speed, power and unpredictability. If the fight continues in such a way, Doflamingo has no chance against Luffy, but of course Doflamingo will have something up his sleeve to balance out the battle. Will be very interesting to see how Doflamingo deals with Luffy and Gear Fourth and how Luffy will eventually overpower Doflamingo.

Gear Fourth involves Luffy inflating his muscles and coating his limbs with Busoshoku Haki. He using that increased bounciness in Gear Fourth to increase the power of his attacks (bouncing his attacks off his body – contracting fists and feet into his body) and to reduce attacks made to his body by bouncing them off. Furthermore, Luffy is bouncing his attacks off the air to enable himself to fly and to change the direction of his stretched out punches. With increased control over his abilities, Luffy has made his attacks both stronger and harder to avoid. Doflamingo asked for it and Luffy has delivered with interest.

One Piece chapter 784 - Luffy attacks Doflamingo in Gear Fourth

It felt great seeing Doflamingo fly half-way across or so across Dressrosa

While the Boundman form does look “weird”, it is quite fascinating how Luffy found a way to use Haki to increase the power his rubber body gives him – those cannon based attacks are devastating. Additionally, Luffy inflating himself allows his body to remain rubbery while he coats himself in Busoshoku Haki. Not only has Luffy developed a Gear that immensely increases the destructive power of his attacks, he has increased the defensive nature of his body – exploiting the benefits of rubber by inflating his muscles.

I also do like how this gear utilises the principles of Rokushiki – that variation of Geppo and how Luffy enhanced it via his rubber body (bouncing his limbs off his body) to enable him to fly and change the direction of his stretched punches. Luffy really is a genius at incorporating elements of other fighting styles into his own. With each battle Luffy is continually learning and evolving the way he fights.

One Piece chapter 784 - Luffy changing the direction of his punch

Only a matter of time until Doflamingo’s glasses break!

Overall, Gear Fourth, a form centered around bouncing, I find it incredibly fascinating.

Nice to see that Zoro, Kine’mon and Kajuro are up to something while Luffy takes on Doflamingo. Zoro with Kine’mon and Kajuro’s help intends to stop the Bird Cage. Will be interesting to see if the three of them can manage or whether the Bird Cage will be destroyed by some third-party or by Luffy when Doflamingo is defeated.

One Piece chapter 784 - Zoro seeks to stop the Bird Cage

Looks like Zoro may just be able to cut down the Bird Cage

As suspected, Leo and Mansherry used their abilities together to reattach Law’s arm. Guess Law won’t be getting a cyborg arm or something similar =P. Nice to see Cavendish portrayed on the same level as Law and Luffy and holding an interest in what Luffy and Law seek accomplish by defeated Doflamingo. Will be great to see Cavendish become part of the Straw Hat Alliance. Bartolomeo most likely will become a member of the alliance as well, so it would be fitting to have Cavendish become a member too – those two get along so well despite their conflicting personalities.

Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what Doflamingo has prepared to balance out the field between Luffy and himself. How will Doflamingo use his strings to combat Luffy now that Luffy’s attacks are faster AND stronger? And will Zoro really be able to cut the Bird Cage? As for Sabo, I wonder if he will battle Burgess again this arc =/. I am also curious if Dragon will appear this arc to aid Sabo and Co. save the Dressrosa citizens. There is a lot to look forward to in the climax of this arc.


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