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Bleach Chapter 635 – The Sternritter Elite Four

Bleach chapter 635 - Yhwach begins his sleep

With Yhwach asleep, Jugram gains the Almighty power of foresight

Finally we get to see Yhwach’s Elite Force in action targetting the Shinigami. With the four members splitting up and encountering different opponents, it will be interesting to find who the final opponent they will each fight will be. Will Grimmjow be able to take out Askin or will it take a combined effort with Ichigo and Co. to take him down. As for the other Elite Force Sternritter, they are beginning to show just why they were able to take out the Zero Division earlier in the arc. As for Jugram, looks like he has woken up with Yhwach going to sleep. I wonder what “future” Jugram saw…

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Bleach Chapter 630 – Jugram and Bazz-B

Bleach chapter 630 - Bazz-B's past

The past which connects the two…

I have been wondering about Jugram for a while now and why he felt akin to Yhwach’s shadow. I guess that feeling held more truth to it than I had initially expected; once Yhwach “sleeps” (when night falls), Yhwach and Jugram’s power switches. The dynamics between Jugram and Yhwach’s power and relation does explain why Jugram is so committed to Yhwach and why Jugram also has such a large role in realising Yhwach’s goals. Bazz-B understands this and apparently he too shares a past with Jugram, someone he considers or at least considered a friend. With Bazz-B and Jugram’s flashback beginning at the end of the chapter, one has to wonder about the fate of the two after their battle and whether one of them will have to end the other.

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Bleach Chapter 625 – Exploiting The Garganta

Bleach chapter 625 - hardcore coloring - by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

Time for the counterattack! – colour by DEOHVI

Well that was pleasantly surprising seeing many past characters brought back into the focus, especially the lovely Neliel! Nice to see Kubo-sensei using Riruka and Yukio again to set the foundation for the counterattack on the Sternritter. It did take me a while to understand the dynamics of the Garganta and how Kisuke went about exploiting the pockets of reiatsu, known as the Valley of Screams, within the Garganta to devise a way to travel within there. Using Riruka and Yukio to create a transport vessel, what a brilliant man Kisuke, there really is nothing he doesn’t have an answer for.

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Bleach Chapter 624 – The Return Of Grimmjow

Bleach chapter 624 - Grimmjow appears

A wild Grimmjow appears!

Well colour me excited, it is about damn time the Fang of Hueco Mundo revealed his sexy self! Been waiting for Grimmjow’s return ever since it was hinted at back when Ichigo made it out of Hueco Mundo. I was hoping for Harribel to appear with Grimmjow when he returns as Harribel is an awesome character whose potential wasn’t fully utilised in the Arrancar Arc. It would also be fantastic to get a some Arrancar highlighted in this final arc of Bleach. Hopefully such a card is still on the table and Grimmjow went to rescue Harribel during the time he was out of focus. Very excited to see how Ichigo and Grimmjow interact with each other now that they are working towards a common goal – stopping Juhabach.

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