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One Piece Chapter 787 – The Approaching End

One Piece chapter 787 - Doflamingo disposes of the Gladiators

Didn’t think Doflamingo had that much energy left…

With Doflamingo consumed by his madness and rage, he seeks nothing but utter destruction and death now. Unable to chase after Luffy and tired of disposing the fodder standing in his path, he has decided to increase the contraction speed of his Bird Cage to bring about a premature end to the game he has tied Dressrosa and its people into. The hell he has envisioned for each and every single person standing against him is but minutes away and Luffy still unable to move and use Haki has found himself in a situation where he may be too late in liberating the nation he gave his word he would save. Will Zoro and the Tontatta help delay the Bird Cage long enough to buy Luffy enough time to defeat Doflamingo or will the miracle that helps save Dressrosa take another form?

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Bleach Chapter 627 – The Recreated World

Bleach chapter 627 - Ichigo and Co. arrive at the Soul King's realm

Hope to finally see the main characters actually feature in a battle!

Looks like Juhabach really does plan to create a world of his shaping once he has done destroying it. I was curious to see what exactly Juhabach’s end goal was and it turns out it was more than just killing the Soul King. Juhabach didn’t just want to destroy the Gotei 13 for what they had done to Quincy a thousand years ago, but he is seeking to completely consume the very world they have created. Juhabach seeks to attain his revenge by replacing the world of the Shinigami by a world of his creation. The Gotei 13 currently represent the “Gods” of the world, but Juhabach plans on creating a world in which the Quincy represent the “Gods”.

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