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Fairy Tail Chapter 437 – The Revival Of Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail chapter 437 - Fairy Tail members

Ah they are back, the strongest guild in Fiore!

And it is finally official, the guild renowned as the trouble-makers of the magic world has finally revived and with it the return of all its members, well save for a few – Laxus and the Raijinshuu in particular. The manner in how Lucy’s despair was addressed was handled quite beautifully, not only did it express the traumatic effect Fairy Tail dissolving had for her but it also exemplified exactly how much she loves Fairy Tail and how much her experiences with everyone meant to her. That love which strengthens Lucy also created a vulnerability inside her that caused her to fear accepting the realisation that the time she cherished most would be gone forever. I’m sure each and every member of Fairy Tail felt the same way, which is why they only returned to Magnolia after the recent events.

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