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Naruto Chapter 692 – Sasuke’s Revolution

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Naruto chapter 692 - Sasuke vs Naruto - colour by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

The inevitable battle between Sasuke and Naruto begins – colour by DEOHVI

I suppose it was fated for the Naruto vs Sasuke conflict to be the climatic event of the series and thanks to this chapter such a scenario has been set-up. Honestly, while I had expected it, after all the developments Sasuke had gone through after meeting Itachi and realising that revenge isn’t the path that will lead to a positive end, I began to think Sasuke was starting to redeem himself and open his eyes to the actuality of the world and suffering. Apparently though, I was wrong, even after meeting Itachi and hearing him out, Sasuke still intends to fuel destruction by destroying the shinobi system, which includes taking out all five of the Kages. All I can say is I am disappoint Sasuke.

Does Sasuke really realise the consequences of killing the Kages? Did he take into account the necessity the Kages serve for the people of the world and forming bonds with other villages? Sure I get the Shinobi nations have been warring for decades and even centuries, but after this arc when a common enemy appeared to force the separate nations to come together, consolidating their resources and skills and putting their differences aside,  it should be obvious that despite the past, the prospect of peace between the nations is a very real and attainable dream. Or did Sasuke not see the nations working together when they attempted to aid Naruto in his battle against Obito and Madara?

Just because Sasuke felt hurt that Konoha used and betrayed his older brother, Itachi, he now seeks to unleash that fury on the world and mold the Shinobi system into something his desires. I get that he has suffered a lot, but does he really think that at 16 or so years of age, he is fully aware of everything the Shinobi system embodies? And on top of that, does he even have a set-up for a new system to replace the old? Does he have absolute confidence and certainty in knowing that his new system will be better than the current one? Even if Sasuke is a genius, there are certain things that are beyond a persons understanding at such a young age.

If Sasuke really wants to change the Shinobi system, he should first start with the Uchiha clan and make sure they don’t follow the same mistakes the previous generation did. Seeing as Sasuke is the only Uchiha left and is currently following the same mistakes as Madara, he isn’t really off to a great start and one can’t blame a person for not feeling inspired or moved by the idea of Sasuke’s “new” Shinobi system. Rather than add to the problem or create a crate of new problems, Sasuke should instead take a step back from his subjectivity and look at how he can be of use in furthering a peaceful and connected world.

Naruto chapter 692 - Bijuu sealed

Guess Naruto will be serving up a dish of Sasuke beating on his birthday

Anyway, with the Bijuu sealed by Sasuke with the Chibaku Tensei jutsu, and him now having his sights set on Naruto, it should be interesting to see how Naruto handles the situation. On the plus side, I guess Naruto getting the birthday present of beating up/saving Sasuke isn’t such a bad thing =P.

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