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Bleach Chapter 596 – Counter Drug

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Bleach chapter 596 - Mayuri administering drugs to Kensei and Rose

His got the perfect thing for you…just hold still…

Thank goodness Mayuri showed up, whenever he appears, the content of the chapter immediately becomes significantly more entertaining, meaningful and enjoyable. The fact that Mayuri has handled several enemies standing against him, including zombified Gotei 13 Captains and Lieutenants serves to illustrate just how prepared and effective Mayuri is against the Sternritter. All those years of researching, studying and experimenting on Quincy, Hollow and his fellow Shinigami are all coming in use. With Mayuri now up against some more Sternritter, it should be interesting to see how he handles them as well.

Well dam, more Shinigami need to fight zombified as it prevents them from giving away the functionality of their zanpakutou. Kensei and Rose already spilled the beans of how their zanpakutou skills work against Mask de Masculine and were seriously beaten as a result. With them now being unable to talk and reveal the workings of their zanpakutou, they are finally able to get above an enemy and actually overwhelm them. Nice work Kensei, you managed to defeat Giselle and Pepe!

Bleach chapter 596 - Mayuri's counter drug

Welcome to the Kurotsuchi Mayuri Wonderland

I’m sure if all the Gotei 13 Captains became Mayuri’s zombies, this war with the Sternritter would already be over. Hopefully Toushirou and Rangiku show up as well, I am curious to see how they will perform as zombies. Would also be cool to see Byakuya zombified, but I doubt such a development would end up taking place.

I’m glad the battle with Pepe has concluded and the next Sternritter challenger has stepped up. Liltotto standing behind Pepe like that makes it appear as if she is about to eat him and get a power up – she is staring at him in an awfully strange manner. Hopefully Liltotto won’t transform into another weird Sternritter, one even worse than Mask de Masculine and Pepe. Anyway, with Mayuri back in the focus, I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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