One Piece Chapter 760 – The Tenryuubito Donquixote Doflamingo

One Piece chapter 760 - Doflamingo's superiority complex

Doflamingo truly was twisted by his time in Mariejois

I would like to say that Doflamingo is a shallow man who is using his bitterness for being rejected by the Tenryuubito to subject others to suffering and pain, but that would be too simple for such a character as Doflamingo. He is a much more complex man, one corrupted by the world he grew up in and confused by the world he was cast into after his father decided to have the family leave Mariejois to live as “normal” humans. The contrasting lifestyle Doflamingo had to grow accustomed to was a reality a world apart from the society which he grew up in and being unable to confound the ‘right and wrong’ of the human society with the ‘right and wrong’ of the Tenryuubito society, Doflamingo grew frustrated and resentful and as a result found an answer in killing his father.

Being unable to conform to the norms of human society, Doflamingo attempted to force his way of life on others and exercise his right as a Tenryuubito to control them. Doflamingo was driven by his superiority complex, he feels his birth-right and existence in general is something that should be revered, feared and worshiped. This is why the moment the Tenryuubito rejected him crushed him so deeply and why he reacted in such a destructive manner vowing to destroy every last part of the world they control.

Doflamingo naturally doesn’t care about others, to him he is superior to everyone and no one stands above him. Not only was he born a Tenryuubito, he was also blessed with the Haoshoku Haki, so in his eyes, he should be worshiped and treated in kind. This is why whenever someone looks down on him, be it Law, Luffy, the World Government and even the Tenryuubito, he reacts furiously in response.

One Piece chapter 760 - Doflamingo's desires

So that is what Doflamingo plans, to destroy every last part of the world the Tenryuubito, whom rejected him, control

Doflamingo as a villain may not excite me tremendously, but I am intrigued by the way Oda-sensei is connecting his character to the way the Tenryuubito society functions and what that world is like. We haven’t had much focus on the Tenryuubito, so seeing it play a big part in Doflamingo’s character is interesting. Through Doflamingo and the story of his family, the complex nature of the Tenryuubito is being revealed as well as the contrasting feelings of certain Tenryuubito. Hopefully once Doflamingo’s story is dealt with, the Tenryuubito will play a more active part in the story.

Regarding the crew of the Donquixote Pirates, I am curious as to how Doflamingo had gained allies given his tendency to look down on others. I suppose the crew could have reasons to stand against the Tenryuubito and seeing as Doflamingo is one of the few people in the world willing to actively go against them, they have given their loyalty and support to him.

One Piece chapter 760 - Belief in Luffy

So Isshou finally reveals his intention, I am glad I was wrong about him, he really does see the situation for what it is, despite him being blind

Isshou was awesome this chapter, I was seriously wondering whether he was truly blind, but even though he is physically blind, he can definitely see more than I gave him credit for. I just love how he is going out on a limb to throw his support with King Riku and make a “bet” on Straw Hat Luffy. Certainly there are things only a blind man can see that others cannot in his situation (looks at the other Marine Admirals). Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how Luffy and Law deal with Doflamingo and Trébol. I am also looking forward to the other battles ongoing within the arc.

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