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One Piece Chapter 697-707 – Operation Luffy

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One Piece ch703 - Luffy and his disguise

I love Luffy and his crews disguises =P – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com/)

I don’t even know where to start, so many developments have happened in a small period of time and my word are they good. I am so excited the crew headed to Dressrosa after Punk Hazard, I was hoping such a development would come about and it did, but hahah I did not expect the creative flare of the Island to be so creative – WALKING TOYS! Strawhats in disguises! And my goodness, is that a tournament I smell?! Oh yes please, I completely wasn’t expected such a twist and even though I had wondered what happened with Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi after he passed, this development came and twisted my socks right off. LET’S GO LUFFYLUCY!

Firstly, Law, wow so he managed to piss Doflamingo off to that extent, to the point where it changed colour. I wonder what would have happened if Law referred to Doflamingo as Mango like Luffy does – would him raging manage to snap his glasses? Well whatever, Law actually pulled off something amazing, he managed to force Doflamingo to relinquish his position as a Shichibukai and step down from his position as Royalty in Dressrosa. So Kaidou really is that terrifying a man(?) or would it be more fitting to just label him a beast? =/, what a mysterious existence. Love how confident and excited Luffy is at the prospect of taking down Kaidou and the rest of Yonkou, and hahah the rest of the crews reactions are equally as amusing and awesome, notable Zoro – “Ah the Yonkou huh?! Finally some good news.” Zoro already knows how strong Mihawk is, so he should be aware how strong a Yonkou could be, and yet he still so laid back and thrilled at the news, I just wonder how much exactly Zoro improved over the past two years, that goes for the rest of crew as well.

One Piece ch701 - Dressrosa, what a place...

Dressrosa, what a place…/jawdrop

Dressrosa, I….I’m speechless, I almost forgot just how separated from realism One Piece can become, ah how fantastical and fun. The explosion of creativity oozing out from Dressrosa left my jaw on the floor as well. Just what do those toys eat!

The lack of tension in the crew when moments call for seriousness is always amusing to watch. I love how comical everything became when chaos rose its head; Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, and Kinemon all ended up in situations totally unrelated to the plan Law had set out. Ah Law, I wonder how hard it was for you to leave the most important part of the operation in the hands of Luffy, I bet you can’t stop shivers running up and down your spine now =P.

Dressrosa Teams - by SergiART (http://sergiart.deviantart.com)

The Dressrosa Teams – by SergiART (http://sergiart.deviantart.com)

Zoro’s sword Shuusui got stolen by an invisible “fairy”, Sanji met a beautiful woman who appears to be skillfully manipulating him through showing vulnerability and grief – the chivalrous Sanji stood no chance, Kinemon chasing Zoro ended up lost and held at gun point by the group responsible for capturing his friend Kanjurou, Luffy entered the Corrida Colosseum tournament to win the Mera Mera no Mi back, Franky is stuck with a one-legged overactive toy criminal but he still appears to be following the plan Law assigned to them.

The World’s Strongest Intelligence Agency, Cipher Pol Aigis Zero appear in Dressrosa near the Caesar Transfer Team. There also appears to be some danger associated with crossing the bridge to Green-Bit and being on Green-Bit =/. One problem on top of another, Law’s plan sure seems to be having a hard time coming to fruition. And the Sunny Security team, who is that mysterious person(?) on board the ship? Is it a stray from Punk Hazard (I know I’m just being delusional, but MONET! hah I wish…), most likely it is those thieving invisible “fairies” unhappy about the lack of valuable loots within the Thousand Sunny.

There are just so many uncertainties and variables to take into consideration now, I really am looking forward to the excitement and shock that is about to unleash itself this arc. And oh boy, the Marines are also in the heat of things this arc with an admiral dispatched to Dressrosa – Admiral Fujitora sure is a badass, I love the fact that he is blind, it just makes him more badass.

I am so excited about this Corrida Colosseum tournament, I love tournament arcs and this one just oozes out extreme excitement and fun. Luffy signing up under a fake name and in a disguise was amusing – Lucy, hahah, that was great. It was likely Luffy’s cover would eventually be blown, especially with all those close calls he had before the eventual nail in the coffin for his cover. Don Chin Jao huh? Someone from Garp’s generation, he seems like bad news, and he has a personal vendetta against Garp which he intends to take out on Luffy. And that prince Cavendish guy, hahah, would Luffy take him out now to prevent any further spread of the truth of who he is? I doubt Don Chin Jao cares if everyone knows Strawhat Luffy is there, but Canvendish is entirely a different story…

One Piece ch704 - Gladiator Rebecca - colour by GiA-SeCaNdO92 (http://gia-secando92.deviantart.com)

The undefeated Gladiator Rebecca – colour by GiA-SeCaNdO92 (http://gia-secando92.deviantart.com)

Gladiator Rebecca, NEW STRAWHAT NAKAMA, …hahah once again, I wish…But she is someone to watch, as it does seem she has quite a story to tell. It does appear she is motivated by revenge against something Doflamingo has done to her or someone close to her, but more than that she appears to be quite the romanticist, having an affection for mysteries and legendary stuff. My money is on her making it through the D Block.

There are so many famous faces in this tournament (most of which we are told are ‘legends’), whoever wins will definitely skyrocket their reputation into the realms of notability. If it is Luffy, the Yonkou will not be able to brush over his accomplishments as easily this time. Although Luffy does have some stuff competition in the form of Jesus Burgess (what a shock he was), Bellamy or if Ricky is who I think he is, then Ricky, and Rebecca. My guess is likely of Ricky making it through B Block and Rebecca making it through the D Block. Would be incredibly badass if Ricky is this Kyros legend.

One Piece ch706 - Bellamy the Hyena One Piece ch706 - Bellamy the Hyena 2

Bellamy, wow, I thought he died, but he is alive and he sure is a changed man, an incredibly different man then what he was from last we saw him. I wonder what this metamorphosis he underwent when he returned from Skypiea was? Did the fact that Skypiea actually existed shatter all his previous notions of “realism” and “actuality” which he was so confident and arrogant about before. Has Bellamy finally opened himself up to dreaming? Whatever it is, Bellamy has become quite the man, he even shows respect for Luffy, the man who destroyed his reputation, in his comment for “I won’t laugh at you”, he realises he was wrong and now with his mind opened up to the world before him, he has become extremely driven – to join Doflamingo on the seas. Honestly I am shocked, truly shocked, Bellamy was fodder before, he got thrashed by Luffy so badly, I didn’t think there was an ounce of a chance that his character could redeem himself, but what is this, why do I feel this excitement and eagerness to see Bellamy more and what it is he is able to attain with his new frame of mind. Will this man who was once beaten down by his own ignorance and had everything stripped away from him but who made the choice to get back up and follow a new perspective, finally reach that which has now become so clear to him?

 One Piece ch645 - cover page  One Piece ch646 - cover page  One Piece ch647 - cover page  One Piece ch648 - cover page  One Piece ch649 - cover page

As for the Skypiea people, Bellamy didn’t say what he did to them was, but I’m confident he didn’t do anything, because from the scenes we are shown in the covers pages from chapters 645-649, the Skypiea characters we seen in the Skypiea arc are fine. Bellamy’s visit to Skypiea was just an eye opener for himself and a refreshing breeze to cleanse himself of his own old-fashioned way of thinking and something he needed to move forward. I wonder if Sarkies is still rolling with Bellamy.

One Piece ch700 - Jewelry Bonney

Yay Jewelry Bonney!

Another development which I absolutely love was the appearance of Jewelry Bonney, Even though I was just one panel, it was more than enough to satisfy me. I was desperately wanting to know what happened with her during the two-year timeskip and it seems that after being captured by Akainu, she managed to escape somehow – was it thanks to the Revolutionary Army? And did Robin have some hand in it? Well whatever methods were used to free Bonney, I’m really glad she is free and still an active part in the story =). Also was great to see Jinbe again, hopefully he ends up joining up with the Strawhats after the Dressrosa arc and before the Wano Kuni arc.

So many great developments happening this arc and there are so many other developments that I just can’t wrap my mind around and figure how they would play out among the other mass of twists and developments, like the CP-0 (what does their presence mean for this arc?) and the invisible “fairies”, just what are they? As for the Mera Mera no Mi, would be quite something if Sabo appeared and won it, but I’m hoping either Luffy or Rebecca wins it =). Ah so exciting, just who is going to get the Mera Mera no Mi? Very much looking forward to the coming chapters of One Piece!

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