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Fairy Tail Chapter 316-329 – This World We Live In

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Fairy Tail ch322 - Fairy Tail - collaboration - by tremblax (http://tremblax.deviantart.com)

Fairy Tail – collaboration by tremblax, RicardoNamikaze, i-azu, MinatoSama207 and themnaxs

Overlooked and underestimated, a forgotten familiar figure claws its way out from the abyss of yesterday to resound its presence within the world of today. Along with memories resurfacing, the hearts of those bearing witness to the spectacle get swept away within feelings of excitement and support. Charismatic and powerful, the guild once overcome by unfortunate circumstances now basks in rays of joy and bliss, the guild known as Fairy Tail, is back!

A lot of developments happening in the last fourteen chapters and the tournament side of the arc has sorted itself out paving way to the ominous threat ever-present in the background throughout this arc. Mmmmm the conclusion of the tournament and the climatic battles were delicious, Fairy Tail even surprised me by how overwhelming they were; Gajeel’s iron/shadow fusion powers, this was badass and I love the design Gajeel had in that form. Laxus’s vigour-filled battle with Jura who one-shotted Orga, this was quite surprising but I suppose since we all know Laxus is a beast himself, the result wasn’t outside the realm of possibility. Gray and Juvia’s complimentary attack, well, well, it’s about time, they did carry out a unison raid in the filler anime episodes, so I have been waiting since then for them to do that or something similar in the manga. Ah how cute it is seeing them work together.

Fairy Tail ch322 p08Fairy Tail ch322 p09 Fairy Tail ch322 p10 Fairy Tail ch322 p11-12

Erza Scarlet, oh yes, oh hell yes, I have been waiting for the moment she gave Minerva a face full of Fairy Tail! Second Origin, how incredibly badass, and here Minerva thought she had Erza on death’s door. Love Minerva’s reaction to Erza summoning Nakagami’s Armor and dispelling her magic, it must have been quite the shock to feel powerless after having structured her psyche to thinking there wasn’t anyone stronger than her. I can’t help but feel sorry for Minerva in the end, she looked so helpless the moment she realised she was outclassed, I guess that is why she froze and broke down in tears after her lose. But with Minerva now realising that she is imperfect, I believe she can become truly strong and be at the head of something really special. Also I would just like to point out but wow, Minerva is sporting some real cute underwear (stripes!)…I like her even more now.

Fairy Tail ch322 p13

Even sending shivers of fear down Death’s spine, Erza Scarlet, victorious!

Sting, I was bracing for a complete twist in the tournament with Sting taking out the Fairy Tail team and aggregating all them points to give Sabertooth the win, but wow, he matured more than I had expected and with the realisation that what he was going to do will not bring about what he wanted to happen, he created quite the shocking situation. I’m glad everything worked out in the end for him, he was able to reunite with Lector who I assume was able to get back from wherever Minerva sent him thanks to Milliana.

The second person from the future, hahah of course…why did I limit my thinking to only one person from the future, I was stringed along nicely by Mashima-sensei’s pacing and fell prey to the flow of the story. Well I suppose I was pleasantly surprised when future Rogue did reveal himself…so he was the one who told Princess Hisui about what to do (more like what he wanted her to do). Through the confusion and lies my thinking sure was all over the place, from doubting future Lucy, to being suspicious of Princess Hisui to believing what future Rogue was saying, hah I was through and through desperately seeking some explanation to explain what was going on. I had initially doubted future Rogue because I thought he was that shadow who possessed the present Rogue, but it seems that wasn’t really case…what was that shadow? Future Rogue sure became shrewd over the years, he had everyone played, well maybe not Natsu’s instincts.

Fairy Tail ch323 - Future Rouge - an unexpected event - colour by ricardo9tomate (http://ricardo9tomate.deviantart.com)

Future Rouge from seven years into the future – colour by ricardo9tomate

Sad that future Lucy got killed, she left a bleak future where her nakama were killed to head to the past to stop that tragedy from happening only to be killed =(, how truly tragic. Her death could have had more emotional impact though, I would have loved to have a bit of her past highlighted – the aftereffects of her world being ravaged by 10,000 dragons, just to see how dire things were in that future. Having that coverage of future Lucy would give her that much more substance and create an even stronger attachment the reader has with her, especially since her personality is quite different from the present Lucy.

Natsu vs Rogue, oh yea, Natsu fired up is always great to see especially when he this rage-driven. Lucy, she is awesome, I loved how she continually doubted what she’d been told and chose to investigate the situation on her own to find out what really had been going on. So the Eclipse Gate doesn’t have a cannon function and can only act as a time-traveling device, hahah oh snap! I’m glad I still had some doubts towards future Rogue after he killed future Lucy, because in the end he was the one lying and using everyone…bad Rogue! BAD! Just what happened to that guy in his time? What twisted him to the extent that he chose to throw the very thing his current self chooses to cherish, away…

Got to love how future Lucy’s death didn’t end up being hollow and was instead given some serious substance, I know love it. Lucy and Natsu became driven by the promise they made to future Lucy and because of that they were and are able to push themselves to do what they have to do to save their world and fulfill the promise they made with her.

Fairy Tail ch327 - Lucy and Natsu's promise

To fulfill the promise they made with their fallen friend, they rise and push forward…

After learning what future Rogues plan was – to use the Eclipse Gate to bring 10,000 dragons from 400 years in the past, and after learning that in his time Acnologia has decimated most life and rules all that’s left, I finally began to understand how the character fit in. So future Lucy wasn’t from Rogue’s time and the fact that she talked about 10,000 dragons destroying Fiore and decimating her world means that she came from a time when future Rogue’s plan was a success or at least a time when the Eclipse Gate was opened after Acnologia attacked.

Future Rogue talking about Acnologia becoming active in his time does hint at the Acnologia in the current time becoming active soon, I just wonder how soon is “soon”? If he does appear in the near future how will anyone stop him? In future Rogue’s time, Natsu and Co. died fighting Acnologia, so how will they compare now? Will the seven dragons future Rogue controls be able to power-up the Dragon Slayers enough that they will end up standing a chance against Acnologia? It is said that the Dragon Slayers magic becomes more powerful when they spill dragons blood, so it is entirely possibly. It would be ironic though, future Rogue put his plan in motion to stop Acnologia (and become the next Dragon King) but his plan may end up giving Natsu and the other Dragon Slayers exactly what they need to stand up against Acnologia. It’s shocking, future Rogue may in fact actually end up saving the world from the dragons O.o.

Fairy Tail ch328 - The 12 Zodiacs

The twelve Zodiacs

Lucy and Yukino’s combined Zodiac summon to close the Eclipse Gate, badass, incredibly badass, being able to see all the twelve zodiacs together, how wonderful and spectacular! Take that future Rogue! Still he managed to get seven dragons through the Eclipse Gate and he has control over them now. Will the united Fiore mages stand a chance against the dragons? Oh hell yes I believe so, we are about to see just why the Dragons Slayers were given the title “Dragon Slayers” and why their magic is feared so much. Ah I love how Natsu made this point apparent and threw down the gauntlet at future Rogue – SEVEN DRAGON SLAYERS, SEVEN DRAGONS BABY!!!



Fairy Tail ch329 - Cobra

His back! And now things are about to get real crazy

I AM SHOCKED AND EXCITED!! COBRA!! What a thrilling surprise! Freakin’ awesome. Jellal, nice one! Seems like out of everyone who heard the plan to activate the Eclipse Gate only Natsu, Lucy and Jellal were able to see through the lies and inconsistencies, what badasses. Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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