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One Piece Chapter 697-707 – Operation Luffy

One Piece ch703 - Luffy and his disguise

I love Luffy and his crews disguises =P – colour by Kasukiii (http://kasukiii.deviantart.com/)

I don’t even know where to start, so many developments have happened in a small period of time and my word are they good. I am so excited the crew headed to Dressrosa after Punk Hazard, I was hoping such a development would come about and it did, but hahah I did not expect the creative flare of the Island to be so creative – WALKING TOYS! Strawhats in disguises! And my goodness, is that a tournament I smell?! Oh yes please, I completely wasn’t expected such a twist and even though I had wondered what happened with Ace’s Mera Mera no Mi after he passed, this development came and twisted my socks right off. LET’S GO LUFFYLUCY!

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