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Bleach Chapter 525-535 – Perpetual Embrace

Bleach ch535 - The Story of Destiny - colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

The Story of Destiny – colour by YesimTekin (http://yesimtekin.deviantart.com)

Someone pinch me…I honestly can’t believe this, but Bleach has become so incredibly enjoyable to read (more then it was), I absolutely love it and this arc in Bleach is definitely what I’ve been waiting for ever since the Arrancar arc turned hollow. This arc is by far my favourite Bleach arc, it represents exactly what Bleach is about and covers [almost] everything I’ve been wanting from Bleach, ah my diminished passion has now been reignited ablaze. Thank you Kubo-sensei.

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