Naruto Chapter 618-628 – Curses And Dreams

Naruto ch621 - God vs God- colour by Tremblax (

Two shinobi torn between friendship and the paths of their dreams – colour by Tremblax (

So we finally get to see a flashback of Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara and find out just how those two are connected and how they ended up on such opposite ends of “peace“.

War wrought suffering, suffering led to pain and pain opened up the wounds to dreams desperately wished to become reality. The story of Hashirama and Madara was a much more unfortunate one than I expected.

While both Madara and Hashirama share blame in the events that took place following the foundation of Konoha, I feel accountability of the blame can’t really attach itself solely to those two because beyond having to battle against “enemies” they were told were evil and heartless, they had to battle against the confines created by their names, the perceptions blinding their fellow clansmen and the very purpose they were told their lives existed for. They desperately tried to change the times their youths were plagued by and create a world characterised by the warmth felt in their dreams, but even after all the suffering and efforts they made, they still couldn’t fully escape being victims of the times.

Naruto ch620 - Madara vs Hashirama - colour by themnaxs (

Uchiha Madara vs Senju Hashirama – colour by themnaxs (

Hashirama was blinded by his joy of having created a village resembling that in his dreams and what he was blind to was the subtle separations created by the perceptions of the clans towards each other and the unique reactions within each clan in response of these perceptions. What Madara realised was the extent to which the Uchiha clan would be separated while under the jurisdiction of Konoha and the Senju clan. Madara did attempt to have the Uchiha clan be less involved with the Senju to lessen the effects of these truths to the sensitive Uchiha when they would make that realisation, but ultimately even within his own clan, which his brothers and he gave their lives for, he ended up being shunned and ignored.

The loss of support from his clansmen must have caused Madara’s perceptions to be grossly twisted to the point of seeking the end of all things and being the foundation of his ‘Infinite Tsukuyomi‘ plan. I still wonder why the Uchiha clan are so sensitive to the ideals of ‘love‘ and ‘friendship‘ that their very beliefs and perceptions of it end up being corrupted when those ideals don’t match up to the expected forms they hold. It’s honestly puzzling and too convenient that such a situational characteristic can explain the very nature of the Uchiha clans actions we have witnessed throughout the story of Naruto (save for Itachi and a few others who rose above their clan names and saw the picture for what it revealed). Still that explanation does make me accept Tobi’s reasoning for siding with Madara a bit more now – so Tobi didn’t question Kakashi on the reasoning of why he killed Rin because Tobi’s ‘Uchiha-sensitive’ nature blocked out any form of rationale and clear thinking – instead Tobi was consumed by waves of despair and anguish from the lose he suffered which ended up manifesting itself in the form of hatred channeled through his mirror wheel eye, his Sharingan.

I had already structured my mind to view the Uchiha clan as a group of “sensitive” people in hopes of making sense of what I was reading whenever I came across parts in the story that I felt just didn’t feel right…, but I really didn’t think that the actual explanation of why the Uchiha act as impressionably as they do would be because they are sensitive, it is actually quite surprising. It was a revelation and an explanation that explained a lot about past events in the Naruto story, but at the same time it feels too convenient to explain the Uchiha with such a situational characteristic. Well the truth of the Uchiha clan is still partly a mystery, we have yet to hear from Madara and there is also the history of the Rikudou Sennin which could also possibly be covered (would the Juubi’s spirit end up spilling the beans about the history of the Rikudou Sennin?).

Naruto ch619 - Sasuke's Questions

Sasuke trying to understand what his brother, Itachi, was telling him

Sasauke, I’ve been waiting to see who he sought to meet and I’ll be…so he sought answers from those four…specifically, Hashirama. Quite the move Orochimaru pulled to cheat even death of souls, but at this point in time when almost every character that appeared in Naruto who has died has been resurrected, I can’t say I’m surprised that these four were summoned by Edo Tensei as well, but it was shocking when they were summoned =P. Right now it would be easier to ask ‘who hasn’t been summoned by the Edo Tensei jutsu’.

I love this new Sasuke, before he would act without thinking and without concern of what effects his actions may have, but after being able to understand Itachi a little, Sasuke has developed the ability to exercise critical thinking through his decisions. Sasuke is now asking the bigger questions, questions that matter and strike at the heart of the matter, questions that give answers to the past he desperately needs to know. Sasuke understood the importance of the decision he made and has come to realise that his actions and the path he chooses does have consequences. The double page spread of Sasuke cycling through flashbacks of Itachi and himself through his mind as makes his decision, epic, just epic:

Naruto ch627 - Sasuke's choice

The brother that meant everything to him

Sasuke has matured quite rapidly in a short time and that is just awesome, the Sasuke now, I truly believe can save the Uchiha clan and lead them onto a new path free from their former perceived “cursed path”.

Naruto ch618 - Hokages - colour by i-azu (

The former Hokages of Konoha – colour by i-azu (

With the Juubi unleashing now, I am looking forward to seeing the legendary shinobi, Hashirama enter the battlefield and of course the other three hokages as well – mmmmm, the reunion between Naruto and his dad is going to be so sweet. And yeah lets not forget that Tsunade is still alive and kicking, so she may yet get to make another cameo appearance during this arc, especially when you take into account that 4 out of the 5 Hokage’s are heading to the battlefield, so it is likely that Tsunade will also show up and showcase with the rest them the extreme power that is the Hokage! Plus she can also illustrate to her dear grandfather, that she inherited the will of fire and that Konoha and the shinobi world are in good hands.

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