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Edens Zero Chapter 176 - Holy reaches out a hand of friendship to Shiki and Rebecca

Edens Zero Chapter 176 – Holy: Hand Of Friendship

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Edens Zero Chapter 176 - Holy reaches out a hand of friendship to Shiki and Rebecca

Curious doesn’t even begin to define the situation currently centering around Holy. Existing within a group opposing Shiki yet personally locating him to not extend the chains of justice but instead to reach out with a hand offering friendship? What is the end play sought by Holy? Does the Interstellar Union Army not represent her reality but rather a vehicle to sustain her own personal mission? If her ideals aren’t solely intertwined within the intentions of the Interstellar Union Army, her actions of deviating from the Oración Seis Interstellar’s objective would be based on a foundation foreshadowing a deeper relevance to the worlds existing in the shadows. Shiki may have aged but his interest in befriending others still remains and with Holy approaching him in such an unaggressive and inviting manner, there shouldn’t be a reason for Shiki to reject her proposal of friendship.

>>Theory – Holy: Blooming Life

It took me a few seconds to make the connection with Ryuzetsu Land and how it establishes a further connection with Fairy Tail. After the unfortunate closure of Ryuzetsu Land on Earthland due to the shenanigans of a certain Fiore Guild, it came to find a new destination on the Planet Dahlia. Will a similar fate await Dahlia’s Ryuzetsu Land now that the Edens Zero crew is there? Conflict has begun to brew with the presence of several ignorant clowns looks to drum up unconscionable drama. Holy may have deescalated the situation but I don’t see those fools letting the situation go with their egos being bruised. They may have left for now but I feel they will be back ready to initiate further conflict elsewhere in Ryuzetsu Land. Hopefully when that time arrives, the Water Park/Resort isn’t destroyed again in the process.

Edens Zero Chapter 176 - Ryuzetsu Land from Fairy Tail and Edens Zero

I also wonder if those ruffians have some connection with Deadend Crow. They behaved as if they believed they were big shots and were completely adverse to the mention of the Interstellar Union Army. They may have just been thugs who were unbelievably foolish but the inclusion of a “DEAD” tattoo on one of the thugs face has me wondering if Mashima-sensei wanted to hint at a connection with Deadend Crow, whom a certain recent arrival in Ryuzetsu Land most likely has a past with (Holy). Those thugs were sexually harassing Labilia and Rebecca with them likely intending something more criminal if the situation went on. I wouldn’t have blamed Holy if she unloaded the full force of the law onto them when she arrived. Fortunately for those thugs, Holy’s interests were focused on other matters i.e. Shiki and Rebecca. Curiously, Holy may still get a chance to arrest those thugs in the immediate future if they end up doing what I expect them to do i.e. cause further problems with the guest.

Labilia’s appearance was a surprise and so too was her shift in attitude. What a complete contrast to her previous self when she was intoxicated by her fame and popularity. Considering she fell off the grace of public opinion over the years, I can understand how she came to comprehend suffering. Her change in behavior wouldn’t have been by choice but a consequence of having to endure the suffering she faced from being rejected by the fanbase and community. In addition, she would have also have needed to reconcile the bitter reality embracing her. Her life didn’t pan out the way she expected but after one goes through the negativity of failure and defeat consuming them, it becomes clear that life is so much more than the cells we define ourselves by. Are we really just who other people sees us as or does our worth derive from the acceptance we have toward ourselves in all our failings and greatness?

Edens Zero Chapter 176 - Labilia is reintroduced

The more Labilia suffered, the more she came to realise the world didn’t bend to her whims. And with such truths, her perspective on life broadened. And through that broader viewpoint, Labilia came to find a path forward on which she could grow from. She has always been presented as that humorous “bitch” type personality but over a three year time gap (since that panel cameo in chapter 136), we can see some genuine growth from her. It would be enlightening to see how Labilia reacts to Rebecca’s kindness once she arrives at the realisation that Rebecca doesn’t hold any ill will towards her. Rebecca may not have had pleasant memories of her time with Labilia but Rebecca will always be open to Labilia accepting her extended hand. Having met Shiki and Rebecca after several years, I find this a fitting opportunity for Labilia to make amends for the way she treated Shiki and Rebecca in the past. Even if it just an apology, such a gesture will be integral in beginning to conceptualise the bond of friendship that can exist between Labilia and Rebecca.

Considering it has already happened before, it is worth noting the Labilia on Planet Dahlia could be Amira in disguise (again). Amira has transformed into Labilia before and she is informed on the potential of the Eden Zero team. Amira knows the Edens Zero crew took down Drakken and she is likely aware of their role in liberating the Aoi Cosmos, so it make sense for her to tail the Edens Zero to be present when they crush Ziggy and/or another major threat. Hopefully Labilia is Labilia because I would love to see how she had grown over the past three years.

Edens Zero Chapter 176 - Rebecca kissing Shiki on the cheek

Rebecca smooching Shiki on the cheek was such a curious development. Was that meant to be a sign of their relationship naturally progressing from friendship into something more or was it meant to raise a suspicious flag of some kind? It is most likely the former. Shiki was noticeably taken aback by Rebecca’s actions and boldness. He was confused but when Rebecca began to tease him about a kiss from her being valuable, he reacted with a blush. It must be slowly becoming apparent to the two that the feelings they have for one another is something quite intimate and mutual. The relevance of Satan’s Gravity toward the Cat Leaper power will certainly be a double-edged sword but as the relationship between Rebecca and Shiki becomes more intimate, how their powers affect the other? Will it empower or debilitate them?

As for Xiaomei, she is present in the Kaede Cosmos. If Hermit knew Xiaomei was following the Edens Zero journey, how would she react? Would she exploit that boon and seek out Xiaomei’s assistance more often? Whatever the case, Xiaomei too was sporting a swimsuit like the rest of the Edens Zero crew. It is almost as if Xiaomei wanted to join the crew as she observed their journey progress through Planet Dahlia. And to embrace the signature Kaede Cosmos pattern with her swimsuit, Xiaomei is totally into this arc. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and finding out if Holy was authentic in her request or thoroughly deceptive in her methods.

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