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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 100 - Natsu VS Suzaku

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 100 – Natsu VS Suzaku: Instinct

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Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 100 - Natsu VS Suzaku

Amidst the heated and imperative battle between Natsu and Suzaku who find themselves evenly matched blow for blow, an unexpected third party arrives to crash their reunion and engagement of unresolved emotions. An entity so overwhelming, what was thought impossible before seemed casually reasonable for this individual. The walls of Dogramag’s Labyrinth was unaffected by any of the Fairy Tail or Diabolos mages yet when he arrived, it became nothing more than butter destined to melt away. Ignia, the Fire Dragon God has arrived which has left everyone, including Selene shocked and shaken. I was not at all expecting Ignia’s arrival and neither did I expect to see Selene with such a terrified expression on her face. What are these secrets locked away in the Labyrinth and who will be the one to claim whatever is locked away inside? Congratulations on 100 chapters Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest!

Ever since Ignia’s appearance and the interest he took in Natsu maturing into a Dragon Slayer worthy of his time and his father’s flame, I expected him to wait patiently until that moment but it appears other mechanisms are turning outside the focus we have been presented in regards to the current story. Whatever truth and secrets are locked away in Dogramag’s Labyrinth, both Selene and Ignia have taken an interest in. Should I also expect the Gold Dragon God, Viernes, to appear and reveal their claim to whatever lies within the Labyrinth? For Ignia to personally appear within the Labyrinth, it implies that whatever is contained there must be valuable and meaningful to the Dragons. Does it have anything to do with their continued survival or perhaps a way to revive the age of Dragons?

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 100 - Ignia appears

As far as the reader’s know, the age of Dragons ended and the path forward conveys a certain inevitable destiny awaiting the remaining Dragons i.e. death. No new Dragons have been born in the current age and only the ancient Dragons remain. Over 400 years ago, The Dragon King Festival that led Dragons to fight one another ended up birthing the Dragon Slaying ability. This moment also signaled the beginning of the decline for Dragons. The Dragon Slayer Magic was a concept created by Irene who sought to have Dragons enchant their magic onto humans so that coexistence between Dragons and Human could be fought for together (a dream that has yet to fully resolve itself). Unfortunately for Irene, there were side-effects to the Dragon Slayer abilities that she could not foresee and eventually such madness deriving from the power began to corrupt and transform the vessel. By extension of Irene’s good intentions, Acnologia was born. The Human-turned Dragon that would become the Executor for the remaining Dragons in the world. It was Ancologia’s existence that led the Six Dragon Gods to flee to Guiltina.

Fairy Tail is a story about magic as well as Dragons. While the focus of first part of the manga concerned magic over Dragons, 100 Years Quest is a story that is squarely centered on Dragons and their relevance to the current world of Earthland. The overall story doesn’t appear to be just Natsu and Co. completing a 100 Years Quest by “sealing” the Dragon Gods but something much more meaningful in regards to Dragons. Throughout the story of Fairy Tail, the culture of Dragons has been underrepresented and slowly diminished as time moved forward. If 100 Years Quest is serving as a vehicle for Fairy Tail to bring focus back to the Dragons, how will their story expand moving forward? What would create hope in the story for Dragons? Whatever is contained in Dogramag is something that piqued Ignia’s attention and given the focus we have received on Ignia, it must be something incredibly Dragon related. And if we taken into account the element Dogramag represents, it is entirely possible that what is contained in the Labyrinth is a representation of the Dragons future – a Dragon egg. Now, Selene has mentioned that Elefseria’s heart is contained within the Labyrinth but alongside it could Dogramag’s magic that remained along with the heart have created a Dragon egg? A Dragon race revival story could also help further substantiate Irene’s role within those events.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Chapter 100 - Selene caught off guard by Ignia's appearance

Selene is concerned about Elefseria’s heart and if she fears Ignia’s desire to want to destroy the heart and in turn, the power it contains, will Selene end up directly involving herself in the current conflict. Seeing as Natsu isn’t ready to face Ignia and Suzaku doesn’t stack up against Ignia, the only potential player outside of Elefseria and Dogramag that could challenge Ignia is Selene herself. Selene doesn’t like conflict with other Dragons but with her plans being threatened, she may now have no choice but to involve herself. Entertainment has now given way to terror and it will be fascinating to see Selene’s next move forward.

Ever since Suzaku was introduced to Natsu, he was build up as a potential ally even after the events that played on Elentear. Natsu and Suzaku had chemistry together, it was just their positions in opposing guilds that created the divide that now exist between the two. Eventually, I see the two becoming allies and the appearance of Ignia may be the inception to that reality. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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