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Edens Zero chapter 154 - Kris and Kleene VS Callum and Lyra

Edens Zero Chapter 154 – Kris & Kleene VS Callum & Lyra: Mist

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Edens Zero chapter 154 - Kris and Kleene VS Callum and Lyra

And the roar of the Wind is deafened by the weight of the Mist. An unexpected reunion uncovering memories from Kris’s past from his time at the Skymech Dojo throws Kris into an unstable position with memories of his past influencing his actions against the opponent before him. Not only was it shocking to learn that the Skymech Dojo was based on Guilst at one point but that Callum was a member of the Dojo too when Kris attended it as Jinn. Such a relation characterized by the seniority of Callum won’t be inconsequential to the behaviour of Kris within this battle. Callum is not just an opponent Kris can fight with a closed heart. Regardless of how distant they were during their time in the Skymech Dojo, there were connected by a shared experience.

I did not expect this battle to evolve into one with such an relational undertone. While Kris and Callum may not have been close friends during their time as students of the Skymech Dojo, Callum did serve as Kris’s companion during that time to save him from the touch of solitude. Callum became Kris’s sparring partner and likely turned what would have been a callous experience in the pursuit of strength into a moment of reassurance. After what happened with Muller, Kris would have likely been detached from the presence of others. But Callum’s actions may have helped to motivate Kris to reevaluate his expectations of other people. I don’t expect this to be an easy battle for Kris and likewise, I suspect Callum may also have feelings conflicting against his current actions somewhere within the shadows of his heart. Contrary to the sides they currently stand on and their mission, they were once part of the same school studying the same martial art. That, even by itself, creates a connection between the two.

Edens Zero chapter 154 - Callum reveals he is also a user of the Skymech martial art

Things may look bad for Kris but the main factor causing such an imbalance on the battlefield is the lack of knowledge Kris has on Callum’s new abilities. If Kris is able to figure out the functionality of Callum’s Carburetor such knowledge can be used to his advantage when making a counter attack. Callum utilises the abilities of Mist through his Ether and likely continues to use his mist powers through the Imperial technique he learned. Even if Kris turns into mist, does that mean it is the end of him or is it just his form that has changed? Could he not restructure his Ether to turn himself into wind and back into his physical form? If Kris’s condition if being changed by Callum, it stands to reason that Kris’s form can also be changed back. I expect the ability to perform such a feat depends on the ability of the particular person. Are they connected intimately with their Ether powers to the point of being able to freely control how the element they wield is utilised? If so, Kris could reach such a state. Callum’s mist may be dense but ultimately, the mist gets blown away by the wind. Kleene is still present and in a position to assist her brother. And as for Kris himself, he is still able to go Overdrive if the situation calls for it.

After having learned more about four of the Oceans 6, I don’t view them as bad people or intrinsically evil. They are more than likely being exploited by those that command them and used as pawns toward accomplishing an end the Oceans 6 don’t necessarily believe in. Some of the members may be twisted but after having focus attributed to them, the intent behind their actions appears to be more entrenched in personal desires than in a scheme seeking the end of living beings. It is no doubt that the members were influenced by Shura regarding their actions and in how they portray their emotions but does following orders and being led astray by corrupt leadership constitute equal culpability? There is enough blame to go around for trying to end the lives of living beings despite the Imperial Empire believing otherwise but at this point it seems obvious that the members of the Oceans 6 wouldn’t have progressed with the All-Link plan if not for Shura’s decision.

Edens Zero chapter 154 - Kris affected by Callum's mist Ether

Milani’s case seems clear-cut. She viewed the Oceans 6 as heroes and wanted to become a defender of the Aoi Cosmos so that she could follow in the footsteps of those she looked up to. Toward her pursuit of such a desire, she became bound by fear when entrapped within the web of Shura who came to command the Oceans 6. I don’t blame Milani for indirectly supporting Shura and standing by as he murdered Cyca but now that Milani has come to a reconciliation within herself, the time for rising against what she doesn’t believe in is right now. Her time as a member of Shura’s Oceans 6 is over. Rather, Milani needs to act as a member of the Aoi Cosmos’s Ocean 6. As for Nasseh and Lyra, they are without question crazy but that doesn’t by itself make them evil. Neither of them have a strong desire to end the lives of Androids. They are following orders Shura set for them and acting within the Law, that has been perverted by the Imperial Empire to enable such abuse of power. The surrounding environment constructed around Nasseh and Lyra are amplifying their twisted selves. Before they can begin to reform and walk a different path, they will need to be removed from such an environment or have the environment around them, changed. If given the chance, Nasseh and Lyra could be exemplary members of society. Callum is a curious case, I suspect he may entered into the ranks of the Imperial Empire based on a promise or reassurance that was made to him. We have yet to learn what happened to the Skymech School on Guilst and if there is a villain behind its potential “disappearance”, Callum may be expecting the Imperial Empire to assist him in bringing such a party to justice. It will also be interesting to learn what happened to the Master of the Skymech School and whether they are still alive or if they had perished in the past. What Callum may be currently after is vengeance for events that happened in the past.

Turning to Shiki and Rebecca, after their display of team work, it has become even more apparent how perfectly they compliment each other. For Rebecca to have done what she did, she needed to have trusted Shiki completely. Rebecca does not posses the same powers as Shiki and does not move in the same way as him but she has shown no hesitation in performing her role as marksman while supported by Shiki in the air. Not only does it convey Rebecca’s familiarity with Shiki’s movements when using Gravity Gear but it also highlights Shiki’s role as a support for Rebecca. Shiki is aware how disorienting his abilities can be but when “carrying” Rebecca, he likely exerts greater control over his movements in regards to the person he is carrying. And based on the previous times Shiki and Rebecca have supported each other, it seemingly comes natural to them.

Edens Zero chapter 154 - Rebecca and Shiki take down the Nero 66 machine defense force

I also do have to add, Rebecca’s spatial awareness is off the charts. Rebecca not only handled moving targets but she herself was moving through the air in a manner foreign to usual human movements. Rebecca was able to both keep her eye on the enemies and direct Shiki as her support. Even though the enemies Rebecca was facing were fodder, such a scene does encapsulate how capable Rebecca is when she is in her element. What a badass, Rebecca!

The dialogue Shiki and Rebecca had concerning the reasoning for Shura taking Witch is quite curious. Is there a particular reason Shura chose Witch or was it a random decision Shura made? If Rebecca suspects there may be something more going on with Witch being taken, then I will trust that judgement and ponder on what it could be. Is Shura after something more than the activation of All-Link? Something Witch may be aware of concerning Ziggy that Witch herself may not consciously know she knows about? Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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