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One Piece Chapter 1023 – Passion. Will. Heart. Conviction.

One Piece chapter 1023 - Momonosuke's transforms into his Dragon form after being aged up

That chapter. My goodness that chapter. What an unbelievably incredibly electrifying read. I loved it. My body was not ready for how amped up it would now be. Ahhh, how glorious. The threads of the journey unfolding throughout the manga have now found themselves converging at a point tying together a new thread on which the path forward has been constructed. The satisfying nature of payoff is a magical experience in how something so consuming and defined can yet surprise the avenues of the mind when the moment is presented in the manner as it was in this chapter. Certain elements were expected but the way they aligned and cascaded alongside each other, such a feeling evoked is indescribable. But if a word was to be placed reflecting the spirit of its conveyance – exhilarating,

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