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Edens Zero chapter 135 - Shiki uses his Gravity Gear to disarm all the rebels

Edens Zero Chapter 135 – The Oasis Rebellion

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Edens Zero chapter 135 - Shiki uses his Gravity Gear to disarm all the rebels

As the Edens Zero crew decide to stop Shura (and Ziggy), they now cast themselves into a conflict that has a whole cosmos army behind it. For one ship to take on a hundred thousand battlecruisers, no matter how capable that ship is, the scales are simply too weighted on the side with the numbers. Force attributed to sheer quantity. In order for the Edens Zero to stand a chance against the enemies they now face, the numbers on their side will need to grow substantially. Fortunately, Laguna has former contacts within the Aoi Cosmos that may be able to assist. Contacts that also wish to see the end to Poseidon Nero’s reign. An organisation formed to liberate the Aoi Cosmos. A rebellion called Oasis.

Sandra, as a planet is quite different from the previous settings we have had. With the desert theme central to the planet, I hope the Edens Zero crew have a mini-adventure there. It would be a tragic shame to spend only a few chapters on such a fascinating planet and now have a deeper exploration of what else could be on Sandra. Further focus could even be given to the inhabitants and their daily lives in how they get by on such a barren planet or are their patches of fertile land where civilisation has expanded on?

Edens Zero chapter 135 - Rebecca and Happy react in wonder at Planet Sandra's marketplace

And from what we have seen so far in this chapter, there appears to be some level of coexistence between living beings and machine. How did such an attitude come about? Was it influenced by those standing against Poseidon Nero and Shura stance of anti-machine? With such a deviance from the rest of the Aoi Cosmos society, there is surely a larger story to explore in substantiating the current culture of Sandra. Could there have been a figure in the past who attempted to stand up against injustice but were tragically ended by those now setting the path the Aoi Cosmos is to travel on? And with the rebellion being based on Sandra, wouldn’t the Nero army being aware of such a force or at least know of its existence? I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the Nero army was sent to Sandra to destroy the robots and to deal with any rebellion forces.

With the Nero army attacking Sandra, this could make this a mini-arc within the Aoi Cosmos arc. The attack may also help to solidify the relation the Edens Zero crew have begun to form with Oasis and develop it into one that can exist beyond the current conflict. Oasis may become long term allies of the Edens Zero crew and assist them going forward through their adventure at certain points. From the introduction of Goodwin and his interest in Shiki, it seems likely that he has been waiting for something to help initiate the rebellion he has begun (or at least drive forward if there were another figure behind the rebellions formation). Shiki’s presence presents an opportunity for Goodwin. Shura may have been too powerful for Goodwin but with arrival for another Gravity user, Goodwin could see that as a gap in which the rebellion could break open to achieve their vision of liberating the Aoi Cosmos. I expect Goodwin to engage in a battle with Shiki in order to test his abilities and capabilities. Once Shiki’s power is measured, either through the fight with Goodwin or the presumable attack by the Nero army, Goodwin will likely be emboldened into action. Also Goodwin looks like a muscled up Exceed.

Edens Zero chapter 135 - The leader of Oasis, Goodwin

Once Oasis lends their support to the Edens Zero crew, they will begin adding to their forces. Others who disagree with Poseidon Nero and Shura’s methods of dealing with robots may cast their support behind Edens Zero. Eventually, the Edens Zero crew will have an army of support behind them which they can work alongside to engage against the Nero Army based around Nero 1 aka. Temple. There the battle to keep the All-Link system out of the hands of Shura and Ziggy will be decided. Such a battle will also serve to further highlight and explore Laguna who has been recently shrouded in mystery regarding his motives and feelings towards the Edens Zero crew. Excited to see more of Laguna in this arc and very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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