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One Piece Chapter 1007 - Fake Oden

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[Theory] One Piece – The Chapter 1007 Oden

One Piece Chapter 1007 - Fake Oden

With the cliff hanger at the end of chapter 1007, someone who appears to be Oden enters the Treasure Repository where the Akazaya Samurai are located. Caught completely off guard by such a possibility, the Samurai could nothing but stumble back in shock and attempt to rationalise what exactly was taking place before them. Naturally, their emotions internally reacted with joy as conveyed by the tears of Kin’emon. Yet who exactly is the mysterious figure and could it really be the real Oden? Surely it can’t be considering the flashback that took place earlier in the arc where Oden was shot by Kaido as he collapse in the pot of boiling water. I also believe the figure that appeared in chapter 1004 to tend to the injured Samurai and this Oden aren’t one and the same.

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