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Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka nullifying the Humanoid Kaiju's attack with his own attack

Kaiju No.8 Chapter 18 – Kafka VS Humanoid Kaiju

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Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka overwhelming the Humanoid Kaiju

Rage. Unbridled and Seething. The sight of his comrades state drives Kafka into a mode completely dominant over the Humanoid Kaiju that moments before had it playing with Reno and Iharu’s lives by experimenting on the resilience of their battle suits. Now with Kafka’s response precipitated, the Humanoid Kaiju attempts to collect Kaiju #8 as a corpse yet the ignorance shaping its perspective makes it blind to the true monster standing in front of it. Unleashed and craving retribution, Kafka closes in to the Humanoid Kaiju with the stare of an executioner.

Expectedly, a complication arises that will likely prevent Kafka from landing the finishing blow on the Humanoid Kaiju. The Defense Force arrives at the worst possible time and notifies their command base that a Humanoid Kaiju has been spotted. The inevitable attack order will be issued but hopefully despite their order, they read the situation and act accordingly i.e. let Kaiju #8 finish off the Humanoid Kaiju. Sadly, I don’t believe such a outcome will take place. Kafka will be prevented from completely ending the Humanoid Kaiju. The Defense Force may eventually realise what Kaiju #8 was attempting to do once they notice Iharu or Reno but by then, the opportunity Kafka had created would have evaporated.

Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka taking on the Humanoid Kaiju

With Kaiju #8’s existence becoming such a significant development, the Humanoid Kaiju will need to return such information back to the faction it belongs. Unless one of its subordinates or a different Humanoid Kaiju returns with such information. In turn, the “enemies” the Defense Force now face will potentially reorganise themselves to ensure they won’t be overpowered by Kaiju #8 again. The calm before the storm one would say. I still believe there are different Kaiju factions with some antagonistic toward humanity but until we get further evidence detailing such, we are to believe that the Kaiju as a whole are humanity enemies.

The battle ensuing within this chapter was IMMENSELY exciting and completely satisfying. The immediate revelation of the extents of the Humanoid Kaiju’s power being beyond what Reno and Iharu were fighting against only to have Kafka brush off its attacks casually and proceed to wreck the Humanoid Kaiju in multiple way leaving it in a state with its core exposed. The growing uncertainty and terror expressed by the Humanity Kaiju as it rapidly began to understand the situation it was in was stirring. The fear it was used to forcing onto others had now come around and had been directed at it. Such a foreign concept that confused the Humanoid Kaiju completely. Kafka used that momentum he built up and spectacularly overwhelmed the Humanoid Kaiju into an exposed state.

Kaiju #8 chapter 18 - Kafka unleashing on the Humanoid Kaiju

The Humanoid Kaiju is defeated but it is still alive. There is value in this Humanoid Kaiju escaping and returning to its faction with the information concerning Kaiju #8. There is also value in completely crushing it now. The former option seems to be the more likely one. The Humanoid Kaiju will escape. And eventually down the line it will reappear before our heroes. Reno will come to face it again and at that time, he will be ready to deal with the torment inflicted onto him on this day. By escaping this Humanoid Kaiju can be used to signal Reno’s growth further into the story when he is able to combat the Humanoid Kaiju to assist Kafka. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and finding out what happens in the conclusion of this battle.

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